So the wind was blowing hard at Wrigley last night, but balls were carrying out of the park with ease. As you see here, Bryce Harper tossed his bat in disgust thinking he had popped out, but never mind. Just a homer. His 17th home run of the year to be precise, trying him with Nelson Cruz for the major league lead.  

The caption about sums it up. This kid is unbelievable. Sure the wind helped, but he doesn’t even know his own strength at times. “Get this bat out of here … oh, ok. Home run.”

His month of May has been absurd.

Oh, and don’t forget his 27 RBI this month too.

And don’t forget about Harper’s youth league teammate growing up in Las Vegas, Kris Bryant (talk about a solid little league squad). Bryant actually got a hold of one and showed us what a real HR looked like with the help of the wind. No doubt about this one.

That’s currently being called a 477-foot mammoth of a home run.      

Just a couple of the hottest young players in the game doing their thing …

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