Everyone’s favorite President Mr. Barry O finally joined real society today and signed up for his very own Twitter account.  His first move was following a bunch of cabinet members and his favorite Chicago sports teams.  Not surprisingly the Chicago Cubs were left off that list.  Barack Ice Cold Obama! Fortunately for the Cubs they took it in stride and didn’t do anything forced or desperate



Yeeeeeesh.  Should’ve taken a page out of the Sky’s playbook.  Farley related tweets earn a Follow 96% of the time and that is a fact


While the Cubs wait for their check in the mail lets look back on some of Obama’s best(sorta) sports moment to date


1) Obama Sucks Brick Throwing Out First Pitch At The National Game

Throwing on the White Sox hat was a boss move but when you throw a pitch that badly pretty much nothing you do is cool after that.  Probably had to join Twitter just to get his groove back


2) Obama Throws Out First Pitch At All Star Game 

Good clip to prove that Obama is not in fact a black hole void of athletic skill.  Almost had a little eephus action going on.  Kenny Kawaguchi where you at!


3) Senator Barack Introduces Bears On MNF

Has Obama aged 85 years since 2006? Holy cow.  Hopefully Twitter can help him deal with some of that stress, can’t be making that hair go gray no mo!  Despite the wear and tear of the Presidency one thing has held up over all these years.  Unparalleled cheese face game for the Commander-in-chief…



4) Obama Doesn’t Hate The Cubs But Also Doesn’t Know Where The White Sox Play

Some purists might think this is egregious but all he did was get one word wrong. I think a bigger travesty is rooting for any team A.J. Pierzynski actively plays for. That World Series is tainted!


5) Obama Working Out The Kinks On The Links

Ever imagined how the pressure of a Par-4 feels with nuclear launch codes floating around your brain?


6) Obama Tries Out Bowling In Altoona Pennsylvania

Shout out to Altoona High mainly so I can post this Jim Rome Is BURNING clip…A-RU-GU-LA


7) Obama Shoots 2-22 On Easter

Plenty of shooting but not enough dancing BO!



8) Obama Makes 3 Baskets In A Row And Trash Talks Paul Pierce


A video posted by @washwizards on


What a difference a year makes huh! Barack got back in the lab and worked on that J till he be like


9) Barack Denied On Kiss Cam At USA Basketball But Not For Long


Baby you better give the Twitter King some sugar!!!  Makes me so sad Bill Clinton never got on a Kiss Cam. I just need to know what would happen next..


10) The Rock Obama

I like the Rock a lot.