Whether it’s someone catching a foul ball with their beer, or their baby … there’s something weird in the water at Wrigley Field this season.

We’ve seen plenty of great “fan catches ball holding child” videos across the league this year, but, this guy was not only holding his baby, he was FEEDING it, AND had to simultaneously fend off the Dodgers’ hard-charging Gold Glove First-Baseman Adrian Gonzalez.



AND he did it so effortlessly, THE BABY DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH! Just keep going HAM on the bottle like nothing happened. UNREAL.

Not joking when I say, for the rest of eternity: this vine should just be on loop at the entrance of the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, as the patrons walk in to the museum, because it is the greatest catch of all-time by a fan OR player.

Even ODB is impressed.