With baseball season set to begin, let’s get less serious and just sit back and fire off some reasons why we should all get excited for baseball season.

10. Breakout Stars

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers-Spring Training Media Day

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in DFS? Get on players you like before their production is recognized, their price rises, and before you know it, everyone’s using them. The start of the season is a great time to differentiate yourself and trust your gut if there’s a player that seems underpriced. Also, since this is my list, here’s a plug for my article on potential breakout players.

9. Amazing Minor League Uniforms

Minor League Baseball: Charlotte Knights at Toledo Mud Hens

We see it every year. Star Wars night, Ninja Turtles night, glow in the dark uniforms … the list goes on and on. The only thing not to like about awesome uniforms is that the major league teams haven’t gotten in on it yet. Pretty much all of these themed minor league jerseys have been a success.

8. Foul Ball Catches

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves

A player diving into the stands to make a play is great, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fans! Got to respect a fan making a sweet play from the stands, particularly when their hands are full of any combination of beer/food/memorabilia/children.

7. Pace of Play

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Atlanta Braves

This is a big one for me. As much as I love baseball, I don’t love it for more than three hours. Pace of play finally went in the right direction last season and 2016 is supposed to only bring us closer to the goal of a two-hour and thirty minute game.

6. Ballpark Food

MLB: All Star Game

Nothing better than settling into your seat with a cold beer and a hot dog (or five). But seriously, baseball season means baseball food. I’m not into all the attempts at getting fancy at the ballpark. Sushi is probably my favorite food in the world, but why the hell is it being served at baseball games now? Light beer and a Fenway Frank, please. As good as it gets.

5. Home Runs

MLB: Spring Training-Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Angels

Aside from the obvious excitement of the home run, it brings a totally different aspect to DFS. If you need 15 DK points from LeBron for a successful night and there’s only a minute left in that game, unless that game goes to OT, you’re not getting those points. Need 15 points from Bryce Harper at the dish with a man on base in the bottom of the 9th? Well, well, well! A homer puts you right back in the game.

4. Day Games

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets

No other sport gives us consistent games on week days during the day. Have the day off? Bored sitting in your cube? Get in on some day games, whether it be watch/go to a game or jumping in on an afternoon slate on DK.

3. Playoff Baseball

MLB: World Series-Kansas City Royals at New York Mets

We have to wait until October for this one, but it’s worth it. 162 games is a lot, and although DK is here to make every at bat count for us, following your hometown team can get tedious. Once the postseason arrives, everything is taken to another level. You can’t ask for better drama — remember, last season the Astros essentially had their first-round series in hand against the Royals … how’d that wind up?

2. Attending Games

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Atlanta Braves

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a baseball city, or vacation to one, there’s nothing better than going to a MLB game. As a Bostonian, I’ve grown up with Fenway Park in my backyard. As you may have caught on to when I brought up ballpark foods, I love going to games. A Saturday afternoon game at Fenway on a perfect summer day is as good as it gets. Any park will do, though. I already have my trips booked to checkout Baltimore and Pittsburgh this season. Do yourself a favor and get to some games.

1. Best Daily Fantasy Sport

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox

Simply put, I believe MLB is the best sport that DraftKings offers. I’ll admit that I’m a NBA and NFL fan before I’m a MLB fan. However, for me, when it comes to DFS, baseball is king. The matchups are extremely important. There are a ton of factors to consider — weather, ballpark, etc., and I love diving into the statistics of baseball. So, for me, it’s definitely the best sport for DFS purposes!

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