DraftKings is pleased to announce our new contest the PGA $50K MAKE THE CUT. Making the cut is an important component of most PGA tournaments, so we developed a contest around that very theme.

PGA $50K MAKE THE CUT is a two round contest where Round 1 is all about making the cut. If you make the cut, you move on to Round 2 which is a $50K Contest that pays out all entrants.

So MAKE THE CUT on U.S. Open and win your share of the $50K Prize Pool. CLICK HERE TO ENTER


Round 1

Takes place on U.S. Open – Thursday, June 15

$3 entry where over 30% (6,250 finishers) advance to Round 2

Round 2

Takes place on Travelers Championship – Thursday, June 22

$50K Contest structured to pay out all entrants. The prize structure is shown below.


1st – $3,000
2nd – $1,500
3rd – $1,000
4th-5th – $500
6th-10th – $200
11th-20th – $100
21st-50th – $50
51st-200th – $20
201st-750th – $10
751st-2,500th – $7
2,501st-6,250th – $5


Winners from the Round 1 contest will be awarded Entry Tickets to the Round 2 contest and the Ticket will automatically redeem. In the event multiple users tie for the last spot in Round 1, the tied users will split the cash value of ticket and none will advance to the next round. In the event a user does not draft his or her team for a given round, he or she will play with an empty team for that day.

The Terms of Use on the DraftKings Website shall apply to the PGA $50K MAKE THE CUT and to these Contest Rules.