Four Days After Collapsing, Here's John Daly at the Bar Singing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

John Daly’s outrageous lifestyle and track record of heavy drinking, chain smoking, and relentless partying is not news — he lives every day like it’s his last, and it is why he is/has been/will always be a fan favorite.

A mere four days ago, John collapsed on the 18th hole at a tournament in Mississippi and nearly died. A terrifying moment for not only John, but, the entire golf industry that he described to The Associated Press as:

“I was having a great time and then suddenly — boom — I’m falling down while on the 18th tee and the next thing I know I’m in an ambulance. It was scary.”

His playing partner at the time, Will Dottley, described the near-tragedy to the Golf Channel:

“I had my arm around him when he went down. He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing for close to three minutes,” said Dottley, who added that there was a nurse in the gallery who administered CPR. “It was kind of a miracle.”

Well, in true John Daly fashion: what doesn’t kill him just makes him stronger — as he was back on the course the next day. Fast forward 72 hours: we find Daly at Pine Lakes Tavern in Myrtle Beach, SC singing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” with a couple members from ‘Hootie and the Blowfish’ and Patrick Davis.


Life in the fast lane, my friends….