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The top teams from the LCK, including Gen.G and T1, are in action on Thursday. We take a look at potential selections from all positions for DraftKings’ six-game mixed slate.

Set your lineups here: LOL $175K Titan’s Fury [$50K to 1st] (LPL-LCK).


Teddy ($12,000)
There are several possible options for Captain’s pick. In such cases, a thumb rule could be to look for the player that offers value for price and has very strong numbers. In this slate, Teddy fits these requisites. He has the highest kill rate in T1 with 3.87 per game. Overall, a KDA of 6.6 over a sustained period of 23 games is an indicator that he checks both boxes as a Captain’s pick.

Other to consider: Bdd ($12,000)


Nuguri ($5,400)
In the absence of some of the bigger teams in the LPL, it might not be the smartest move to splurge on a top laner. Rascal (64.7 DKFP, $6,400) has the most points in this slate for top laners. Nuguri, who is $1,000 cheaper than Rascal, is averaging 51.2 DKFP. That difference in points can easily be made up by picking an aggressive mid or ADC.

Other to consider: Rascal ($6,400)


Peanut ($6,400)
Another budget pick. In fact, at $6,400, his price is slightly surprising. He is an aggressive jungler, always looking to improve his kill participation rate. He has a terrific KDA of 3.5, by jungler standards, built on 4.07 kills and 6.67 assists. His team LGD Gaming has been a bit underwhelming with a 5-10 games record but that isn’t down to Peanut.


Angel ($8,400)
Easily one of the LPL’s most aggressive players, irrespective of position. Angel averages 4.82 kills per game, eighth in the LPL and sixth for players who have played at least seven games. Along with Huanfeng ($8,600), Angel has lifted Suning Gaming to a respectable ninth on the points table. He has also registered 78.5 DKFP per game.

Other to consider: Bdd ($8,000)


Huanfeng ($8,600)
Player stacking is a viable strategy in League of Legends. Considering Suning’s offensive prowess, picking both Angel and Huanfeng covers almost every kill from the team. Huanfeng is the most expensive player in this slate, but he also has the highest DKFP average with 88.4. In terms of killing efficiency, he is third-best in the split with 5.47 per game, taking his KDA to 5.

Other to consider: Ruler ($7,600)


Effort ($5,600)
Effort has been an integral part of this T1 team because of his ability to contribute consistently to his teammates’ kills. He averages 7 assists, tied for sixth in the LCK. His death rate is slightly high (2.57), which is why he has a considerably low average of 49.2 DKFP per game. He has a chance to improve on that against the struggling APK Prince.

Other to consider: SwordArt ($6,400)


T1 ($6,200)
Another stacking option for this slate despite their lofty price. Gen.G ($5,800), the LCK leaders, is the other team to consider but they are up against a steady opponent in Damwon Gaming. T1, on the other hand, are a quality team and will face struggling APK Prince, positioned ninth in the LCK standings. T1 are 7-2 for the season, with a 16-7 games record and a 70% win rate.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.