Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by value of each driver. This information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.

1. Kyle Busch ($10,500) – A couple more drops of gas and Kyle Busch would have made it 5 wins in 6 races. This simply doesn’t happen in modern NASCAR. Joe DiMaggio?

2. Brad Keselowski ($9,900) – Keselowski had a top 10 car at Pocono and lucked his way into a 2nd place. Keselowski has been on a roll since Kentucky (82.5 fppg avg. over the last 4 races).

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($8,200) – Pocono was another top 5 DFS performance for Junior. In 22 races, Dale has 17 races of 40 fantasy points or more.

4. Joey Logano ($9,600) – The big argument against Logano is that he doesn’t score fast and lead lap points; he did this week. Running out of gas hurt his finishing position, but Logano ran in the top 5 the entire race.

5. Kevin Harvick ($10,000) – All signs pointed towards Harvick having a great week at Pocono, then he blew his engine. His stats are impressive this year, but he absolutely killed lineups last week.

6. Matt Kenseth ($8,100) – Pocono was by far the strangest DFS NASCAR contest of the year. Kenseth didn’t score big place differential, fast lap, or lap led points, but his 55 fantasy point output was the 2nd highest last week. Kenseth is averaging a 5th place finish over the last 4 races.

7. Jimmie Johnson ($8,900) – Since the launch of Daily Fantasy NASCAR at DraftKings, Jimmie Johnson has only one elite fantasy performance. Jimmie has the 3rd highest fppg average (52 pts), but his point per dollar average is nothing to write home about.

8. Martin Truex Jr. ($8,800) – This may no longer be “The Year of the Truex,” but the small 78 team competes up front with the big teams each week. Truex finished 4th at Indy and was a splash of fuel from a win at Pocono.

9. Carl Edwards ($9,200) – A category that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet is “strategy.” Edwards made a green flag pit stop with 2 laps remaining. This is unheard of, but Edwards was gambling that the other drivers would run out of gas or have to coast to the finish. He was correct, and he easily made up the positions and earned a top 10.

10. Ryan Newman ($7,500) – This should’ve been a better day for Newman, but he had to start from the back after making changes to his car. Newman started 43rd, but he was officially scored from 14th. Moving from 43rd to 23rd amidst all of the chaos at Pocono is an accomplishment.

11. Jamie McMurray ($7,900) – No one ever talks about Jamie Mac. Meanwhile, he quietly finishes inside the top 15 each week (15 top 15s this season). Although McMurray has a high fantasy points floor, he has a low ceiling. He doesn’t lead laps and qualifies in the top 15 each week.

12. Denny Hamlin ($7,600) – The JGR Toyotas are fast right now and are an easy lock for a top 15 finish. Hamlin has been the weakest qualifier of the bunch (place differential boost). Before mechanical problems ruined his day at Pocono, Hamlin had recorded 3 top 5s in the last 4 races.

13. Kurt Busch ($10,400) – His fppg average justifies his upper tier salary, but over the last three weeks Kurt has not been a dominant driver. He’s a top 10 guy and an easy place differential play, but he’s not leading laps right now.

14. Clint Bowyer ($8,300) – Most DFS players will be surprised to find out that Bowyer has finished in the top 10 in 5 of the last 7 races. That’s when MWR switched Bowyer’s crew chief. Indy and Pocono were not fluke top 10s; Bowyer looks strong.

15. Paul Menard ($7,300) – We will continue to compare Menard and Almirola all year. Menard costs more, but his fppg average is lower. In the last 10 races, Almirola has 2 disastrous scores, whereas Menard only has one.

16. Aric Almirola ($6,800) – He bounced back from a bad day at Indy and scored 29 fantasy points at Pocono. Almirola has regained his position as the premier 50/50 value pick. Almirola averages 35 fppg, and has scored above the median score in 17 races this year.

17. Jeff Gordon ($8,700) – He survived Pocono. He’s not leading the pack, but Gordon finds ways to score fantasy points. Excluding the Indianapolis disaster, Gordon has scored 56, 37, 40, and 49 pts. in the last four races.

18. A.J Allmendinger ($10,200) – A lot of cars wrecked or ran out of gas at Pocono, but A.J. didn’t. He finished in the top 10. Quietly, he’s been the fantasy value steal over the last three weeks (39 fppg over the last three races). Unfortunately, he’ll become the most expensive pick at The Glen.

19. Kasey Kahne ($8,000) – This just isn’t his year. He’s overpriced. He still might squeak out a win, but he’s an inconsistent place differential play unless his price drops.

20. Greg Biffle ($7,400) – The Bif is barely a top 20 car each week. He has pulled some place differential heroics this season, but he’s having a very mediocre season and the Roush Fenway Fords are awful this year.