Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by value of each driver. This information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.

1. Kyle Busch ($11,800) – Good luck and bad luck, Kyle has experienced it all this year. At New Hampshire, Rowdy rode high on a the good luck wave. It’s annoying, but I’m going to keep saying it, “Kyle wins in bunches.”

2. Kevin Harvick ($13,900) – He can’t seem to get another win, but that’s been the story of Harvick’s 2015 season. The good news is that wins aren’t everything in Daily Fantasy NASCAR. It’s all about the fast laps, and Harvick leads the circuit in fast laps.

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($11,400) – With Junior, you forfeit lead laps in exchange for place differential points. He always starts between 15th and 20th, then flirts with a top 5 finish. He’s the most reliable top 5 DFS performer this year.

4. Brad Keselowski ($11,200) – Brad’s back. In the last two races, Brad has been head and shoulders above the field. No other driver has scored 100 plus fantasy points in back to back weeks at Draftkings.

5. Joey Logano ($11,100) – Another week, and another top 5. At his price, Logano is still a good play. As far as daily fantasy points go, Logano isn’t bringing down the house. He qualifies well and runs well, but he doesn’t attack the DFS scoring categories.

6. Matt Kenseth ($11,300) – The 20 car performs a lot like Logano, but Kenseth doesn’t always have the best qualifying performance. Kenseth is a blend between Logano and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

7. Kurt Busch ($11,600) – After a strong early summer run, Kurt has cooled off. He’s running well, but he isn’t scoring big time DFS points. Kurt still has one of the best cars in the garage, so don’t give up on him yet.

8. Jimmie Johnson ($12,400) – The excuse is that the extreme weather fouled up the 48 Chevy’s setup. At $12,400, there cannot be excuses. I’m sure Jimmie and Chad will figure it out, but they’re not a top 5 pick right now.

9. Ryan Newman ($9,300) – The Rocket Man has been solid all year. He hasn’t won and he hasn’t run out front a lot, but he’s in the Chase at the moment. He’s the new King of Place Differential.

10. Carl Edwards ($10,300) – Kyle Busch’s return seems to have had a positive effect on Carl. This week Carl stated that the JGR team is best he’s ever experienced. Carl’s recorded back to back top 10s.

11. Martin Truex Jr. ($12,100) – Cinderella’s carriage is starting to turn into a pumpkin. Truex has been average of late, and in DFS he’s not really a factor. The bright side is that Treux will be racing at Indianapolis this week, a track similar to Pocono where he dominated a month ago.

12. Jamie McMurray ($9,600) – He’s not a lap leader, but he’s got a chance at the top 10 every week. McMurray doesn’t have many bad weeks and is a place differential points play.

13. Denny Hamlin ($10,200) – Someone has to be the lesser teammate on JGR, but on any given week, Hamlin can be a stand out. He doesn’t have a weakness and can run well at any track. With the drop in salary, he should experience a bump in ownership.

14. Jeff Gordon ($11,100) – He didn’t win, but he had a great daily fantasy day at New Hampshire. Why was Gordon finally successful? He scored place differential points. Can the Rainbow Warrior run up front and lead laps? It remains to be seen.

15. Aric Almirola ($7,800) – Almirola has passed Menard as a better value play, and his price will not change. Almirola will always have longshot odds when it comes to winning a race, so his price will remain below $8,000, but his odds to score plus 30 fantasy points are probably 2 to 1.

16. Paul Menard ($8,700) – With a poor qualifying effort, Menard was in the perfect place to score big fantasy numbers at New Hampshire. Unfortunately, Menard had an average day. This weekend Menard returns to his home track and the site of his only Sprint Cup win: The Brickyard.

17. Kasey Kahne ($10,100) – He’s just not in the DFS conversation. At his price, if he qualifies poorly, DFS players will be all over this pick. They don’t really love the pick because Kahne is not a top 10 or even a top 15 car this year.

18. Clint Bowyer ($8,500) – He’s a place differential guy. The worst part about Bowyer is you never know when he’s got it and when he’s garbage. His practice speeds never tell the story. He’s affordable, but only as a place differential play.

19. Austin DIllon ($8,400) – Austin Dillon was fired up last week after Denny Hamlin called him a spoiled rich kid. Dillon finished in 8th place at New Hampshire and he finished 10th last year at the Brickyard. He will be riding the momentum of 2 top 10s in the last 3 races and at $8,400 you can’t pass that up!

20. A.J Allmendinger ($7,900) – Most NASCAR purist know that A.J. is biding his time and waiting for Watkins Glen. Allmendinger has had success at Indianapolis in an Indycar finishing 7th in 2013. His value is based on price and qualifying. If he qualifies 25+ he will produce nice place differential points at $7,900. If you are looking to fill your lineup with higher priced guys, A.J. fits perfectly.