Another week, another race. Here we’ll break down all the most important Daily Fantasy NASCAR information in order to drive your success! The information below is provided by DraftKings. The information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.


1. Kyle Busch – Bristol is Rowdy’s house. Kyle has 17 wins at Bristol across all NASCAR series. The JGR Toyotas are stupid fast right now, and Kyle Busch is an unstoppable force on the track. In a 500 lap DFS NASCAR race, it’s all about fast laps and laps led. Kyle’s led 1,511 Sprint Cup laps at Bristol. That ranks 2nd, but his laps led to races run at Bristol ranks number one and no one is close to his number.

2. Matt Kenseth – The three hottest drivers in NASCAR are Logano, Kyle Busch, and Kenseth. Kenseth is a top 5 lock each week (avg. finish of 4th over the last 6 races) and he’s won 2 of the last 3 races. He won at Bristol earlier this year (his second in the Gen 6 car). Kenseth’s 4 Bristol wins ranks 2nd and he has the best driver rating at Bristol over the last 4 races (120.1). It will be hard to not roster a JGR Toyota this weekend.

3. Joey Logano – It’s easy to see Michigan as a disappointing performance for Logano, but there was nothing he could do. Logano was right up front for every restart, but the the high drag rules package made it impossible to overtake the leader. Logano is a top 5 monster and he’s shown that he can lead laps. Last fall, Logano and his Penske teammate dominated this race. Don’t worry about Logano’s 40th finish this spring. It was raining, but NASCAR didn’t throw a red flag. Logano slides on the wet track and wrecks into his teammate, then NASCAR decides to issue the red flag.

4. Kurt Busch – The last couple weeks have been relatively quiet for the 41 car. Business could pick up this week. At the last sub 1 mile short track (Richmond), Kurt Busch put up a monster DFS score (148.75 pts). Kurt scored 67 pts (5th best) in the spring Bristol race. Kurt’s won at Bristol 5 times (tied for first). He could be the JGR fade play or used in a JGR combo with two punts.

5. Kevin Harvick – In daily fantasy NASCAR, winning is overrated. Harvick’s 38th place finish definitely stings, but he still scored 55 pts in the Spring Bristol Race. A 500 lap race is about laps led and fast laps. Winning does not matter. If Harvick would have finished 10th (a bad day for him), he would have scored 111 pts. Wrecks happen. In the fall 2014 Bristol race, Harvick led 79 laps and ran 59 fast laps.


1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – This a shocker. Bristol is a bull ring know for wrecks and casualties. Ricky is known as “Wrecky” for his aggressive and careless driving. Somehow, Ricky drives really well at this track. Over the last 4, Ricky has the best average finish in NASCAR (9.2). In the last three races at Bristol, he’s finished 4th, 6th, and 2nd.

2. Kyle Larson – The kid made his himself known when drove Kyle Busch side by side across the finish line in a xfinity race in 2013. Larson has been strong at Bristol in both series. He has three top 5s in the Bristol Xfinity races (competing against Sprint Cup drivers), and an average finish of 9.7 in Sprint Cup races.

3. Justin Allgaier – Rarely, is a small team driver listed as a long shot. However, Allgair has finished inside the top 20 in his three races with HScott Motorsports at Bristol. This season’s Spring Bristol race was pretty wacky, but that should not discredit Allgair’s 8th place finish. Allgair at the $5,000 price range will be heavily owned because players will load up on top drivers in an attempt to nail fast/lead laps.


*Kyle Busch * – Michigan is not a track that Kyle Busch has driven well at in the past. Kyle had to start from the back. Somehow Kyle finished 11th. Nothing can stop him. It’s like he got the star in Mario Kart.

Matt Kenseth – The 20 car won at Pocono. He scored a ton of place differential points and finished 5th at Watkins Glen. At Michigan, Kenseth dominated the race with a 120 daily fantasy points.

Kevin Harvick – Before Watkins Glen, the number of second place finishes by Harvick was remarkable. Now, it’s getting weird. Harvick finished 2nd at Michigan and was hundredths of a second from finishing second at The Glen. Wins are overrated in DFS.


Matt Kenseth (Spring 2015)
Joey Logano (Fall 2014)
Carl Edwards (Spring 2014)
Matt Kenseth (Fall 2013)
Kasey Kahne (Spring 2013)


Kyle Busch – He’s a burning supernova. This is as hot as a driver and a team get. There will be 500 laps Saturday night; Kyle Busch has to lead some of them. In a couple years, part of the grandstands will be named after Kyle Busch. That’s how good he is at Bristol.