CS:GO top targets

Sunday marks the final day of the ESL Road to Rio tournaments. Here is a look at targets and value options from DraftKings’ final CS:GO multi-game slate from this year’s RtR.

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Jame ($13,200)
Jame has returned to the top of the pile with some sterling offensive performances, particularly with the AWP for Virtus.pro. He is the most expensive player on this slate. He had a team-leading 48 kills and K-D of +5. That game also included a 1v2 clutch win and a round in which he had three AWP kills. He is the most expensive player in this slate because of the advantageous matchup against Hard Legion.

Others to consider: Plopski ($12,900)

High-priced flex options

Plopski ($8,600)
A few team-leading displays has helped Plopski get back on track after an underwhelming period. Against Vitality, he was sub-par, but he also had a streak of solid offensive performances prior to that. Over the past few months, dating back to the middle of 2019, Plopski has arguably been Ninjas in Pyjamas’ most prolific player, which is a testament to his skill and experience. NiP start their matchup against Heretics as favorites. If that pans out as expected, Plopski will have a major hand in the win.

El1an ($8,200)
El1an continued his fine RtR tournament campaign with another terrific performance against Hard Legion on Saturday. He had 50 kills with just 29 deaths, giving him a game-leading K-D of +21. His offensive prowess has not been limited to just the occasional game, which is a trait of a fantastic CS:GO player.

Maka ($8,200)
Maka has been one of the standout players in this Road to Rio tournament and has led Heretics in multiple upset wins. He is coming off a tough 2-1 loss to G2, in which he racked up 63 kills. Maka has been a revelation with the AWP, which should continue on Sunday.

Others to consider: Mir ($8,400).

Value flex options

Bondik ($7,400)
Bondik has helped Winstrike immensely during this month. Winstrike has made significant strides up the CS:GO pecking order, majorly due to the efficiency of El1an and Bondik. Both of them combined in spectacular fashion to beat Hard Legion on Saturday as Bondik joined El1an with 50 kills. Bondik also had a team-leading ADR of 88.2.

Nivera ($6,600)
Heretics has been one of the teams that has shocked the CS:GO world in these past few weeks. They always had the talent, but it didn’t always translate into wins against some of the best teams. Nivera, along with Maka, has catalyzed that change with offensive proficiency. For a price of $6,600, Nivera is a bargain buy.

Others to consider: Rez ($7,800), Qikert ($7,200).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.