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As the group stages of the LEC nears its completion, there will be some desperation for some teams. We take a look at how to handle your fantasy roster from Friday’s slate of games.

Set your lineups here: LOL $80K Titan’s Fury [$20K to 1st] (LEC)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have not been confirmed and all players listed below are expected to play.


Caps ($12,600)
The choice for captaincy is solely between Caps and Rekkles ($12,000). In terms of numbers, Rekkles is hard to match. However, Caps takes the most important position in this slate because he is up against a slightly easier opponent in Schalke 04. Caps has averaged the highest points in the entire LEC so far, currently at 36.5 DKFP.

Other to consider: Rekkles ($12,000)


Bwipo ($6,600)
Bwipo’s statistics are stellar this season. As a top laner, he is averaging more than one kill than his deaths (3.5 kills, 2.38 deaths). That aggressive style has served Fnatic well to date. Along with 5.31 assists, he has a KDA ratio of 3.71. Despite these sensational numbers, he is reasonably priced at $6,600.

Other to consider: Wunder ($7,200)


Lurox ($5,200)
Despite the quality of their upcoming opponents in G2 Esports, Lurox will be a worthy budget pick. You will need at least one such inclusion in every LEC roster because of the quality of personnel in almost every position. Lurox is averaging 19.2 DKFP, fifth among all junglers in this slate. That is still solid because he will allow you to afford expensive players from other positions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lurox has been replaced by Gilius for this slate.


Perkz ($8,200)
Stacking players from G2 Esports isn’t a bad option. That makes more sense when they are facing a struggling opponent. Perkz has been in terrific offensive form, owning one of the best kill participation rates in the LEC. He is averaging 4.75 kills along with 7.19 assists, which gives him a KDA of 5.62, sixth in the LEC.

Other to consider: Nukeduck ($7,200)


Rekkles ($8,000)
Rekkles has been unmatched and unparalleled this season in terms of offensive capability. He leads the LEC in two very important metrics: kills (5.25) and KDA (10.12). The next best is Upset ($7,800) on the KDA list with 9. Rekkles is averaging 32.7 DKFP, second best in the entire LEC behind Caps.

Other to consider: Upset ($7,800)


Kaiser ($5,000)
After those expensive mid laner and ADC selections, a budget support pick is probably a concern. Kaiser solves that problem. He is one of only two support players to average more than 20 DKFP (20.4). He is also $1,400 cheaper than the other one, Mikyx ($6,400, 28.4 DKFP). Kaiser is third in the LEC in assists per game, with 8.94.

Other to consider: Mikyx ($6,400)


Origen ($5,600)
If you have the budget for G2 Esports ($6,000), then they would round off your roster nicely. If you don’t, Origen could be a strong option. Origen are tied for second in the LEC. Currently on an impressive three-game streak, Origen are 12-4 for the season. This inclusion makes more sense considering they are up against Excel Esports, who are seventh on the table with a 7-9 season record.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.