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With another three-game slate scheduled for Saturday’s League of Legends Pro League, we break down picks from every position for your roster.

Set your lineups here: $100K Titan’s Fury [$20K to 1st] (LPL)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have been confirmed.


Wink ($12,300)
Here’s a chance to start off building your LPL roster for this slate with a strategic decision. There’s hardly anything that separates Wink and Cryin ($12,000) in terms of killing efficiency. It would, therefore, make more sense to pick Cryin as your captain considering he is $300 cheaper. If you make that choice, though, you will have to make a harder choice in the ADC category, having to pick one between Wink and Puff. This way, there’s a chance to pick them all. Wink has a KDA ratio of 7.63, sixth in the Spring Split.


369 ($5,600)
If Wink, Puff and Cryin are the first three players on your roster, you might need some budget inclusions to balance out your remaining purse. 369 fits that role nicely as top laner. For a top to have more or somewhere near equal kills than deaths is a decent achievement. 369 is averaging 2.42 kills and 2.5 deaths, giving him a KDA of 2.93, fairly steady for a player worth $5,600.

Other to consider: TheShy ($6,600)


Karsa ($5,800)
Karsa has been undervalued this season. Considering Top Esports has split their 12 games to date and the proficiency of other junglers in the LPL, Karsa has flown under the radar. He makes a solid budget pick because he has averaged 55.8 DKFP this season, second highest in this slate among all junglers. He is also the cheapest jungler expected to start in this slate.

Other to consider: Wei ($7,400)


Cryin (8,000)
Here is where you benefit from previous budget selections. Cryin ranks fifth in the LPL Spring Split in average kills (5.36). Among all players who have played at least 10 games in the split, his KDA ratio of 7.11 ranks fifth. He has enjoyed unparalleled success as mid laner and chief destroyer for eStar. That will continue, which could even take his average DKFP closer to 100 points (currently at 97.7).


Puff ($7,800)
Puff is a steal for $7,800. He is leading the entire LPL in offensive prowess, currently with an average of six kills per game. He has a KDA of 4.77, which is quite high for an ADC because they are the most vulnerable players in an LoL team. He is averaging 94.1 DKFP, comfortably the highest for any AD Carry available for selection.

Other to consider: Photic ($6,800)


ShiauC ($5,600)
Southwind is also an attractive choice for support, but ShiauC will provide a better return on investment considering he is priced $400 lower. ShiauC is one of only five players to average more than 10 assists per game this season. His 10.64 assists puts him tied for third spot in the split. Overall, his KDA of 3.57 definitely warrants his selection.

Other to consider: Southwind ($6,000)


eStar ($5,200) Another budget selection in keeping with the theme of the rest of this article. eStar is positioned third in the LPL Spring standings, with a 5-1 series and 10-4 games record. They are priced lower because they’re up against the quality of Bilibili Gaming. However, with the excellence of Cryin and Wink in tandem, eStar is worth the price.

Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.