Stuckcee is the Fantasy Football World Championship’s humble hero. He isn’t thinking about going on a lavish spending spree if he’s fortunate enough to finish in first-place – well, sure, he does want to buy his friend’s rehabbed DeLorean. It’s hard not to fantasize about whether traveling 88 miles an hour in the right car will take you back in time to sneak a peak at Grays Sports Almanac.

Really, Stuckcee simply wants to donate to the Big Brother Big Sister chapter where his wife works. For him, this competition – this intense, heated battle against nine other challengers from all around the world – is…for fun.

DK username: Stuckcee
Hometown: New York
Favorite NFL Team: Lions
Most memorable DFS moment: Advancing to the Final 10

“I think I started playing football at the age of 7 and loved watching football on TV with my dad and my brothers,” Stuckcee gushed. “I went to my first game out at The Ralph in Western New York in frigid, freezing temperatures and watched the Bills-Lions. I got to see Barry Sanders play and my love for football kind of really grew and blossomed.

“I think I started playing DraftKings maybe five, six months ago,” he continued. “Now I’m here, wildly enough. The final 10 is such a surreal moment, hasn’t really set in. It’s one of those that, I’ve already won. I’m fortunate to be where I am. I mean football, my passion, what this is, is translating to this is insurmountable. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

Stuckcee earned a spot in the final 10 after leading the first-round of the FFWC for over four hours. He survived a late surge from a Steelers’ offense that powered many of his fellow competitors up the leaderboard.

“The final 10 is such a surreal moment.”

His success ultimately stemmed from a balanced attack, led by receivers Sammy Watkins, Julio Jones, and Ted Ginn Jr., along with 20-plus point showings from running backs Devonta Freeman and James White. White’s play was particularly gratifying, since the young Patriot was owned in just 2 percent of lineups in the FFWC that Week 15 day. Stuckcee’s 186.94 total points placed him ninth in the $15 million competition.

All that’s left now is the NFL’s Divisional Round on Jan. 16-17. While roughly 400 professional football players across New England, Denver, Carolina, and Arizona will be bidding for a chance to eventually reach the Super Bowl, 10 men in Los Angeles will be living theirs.

Win or lose, Stuckcee believes he’s already a champion.