Oh, Tennessee…

Fresh off of blowing a massive lead at home to Oklahoma two weeks ago, they finally … FINALLY had the opportunity to end the Florida Gators’ eleven game winning streak over them.

THINGS WERE GREAT! The Rocky Top faithful had a two score lead and were asking the national TV audience to watch them whip and watch them nae nae.


But then, Tennessee Tennessee’d really hard — scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter to go up by 12 points … AND THEY KICKED THE EXTRA POINT INSTEAD OF GOING FOR TWO!?!?!?

I’m sure that won’t backfire or anything if Florida scores two touchdowns OH LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED



And then to put the cherry on top: here is Coach Jones celebrating what he thought was a game-winning buzzer-beater field goal for the Volunteers but oops it actually missed, sorry.

Poor Rocky Top.

P.S. In my completely unbiased opinion: I think I have to admit that my Whip/Nae Nae is better than that Tennessee fan’s version.