Outside of Cam Newton, the Monmouth Bench Mob is the hottest dance crew in the streets these days. I covered their impressive moves yesterday and my biggest worry was their shtick getting old really quick. Then they go and MURDER the charades game and IMMEDIATELY REDEEM THEMSELVES!!!

Plus they pulled this move off at the end and why the hell am I not doing this all the time?


Aside from the moves the craziest thing to me was them not recognizing the Thriller dance.. am I really that old now? Gonna be so pissed if humans 20 years from now ask me to Dab as if it’s some kind of heralded classic.

At least Thriller is eternally legit, not unlike Katie’s smooth moves. Does she have any eligibility left? Would make for a pretty stellar addition to the thrilling #BenchMobSquad. One things for sure, I have NEVER been more excited for a Monmouth-Canisius game in my life…