Friday is here and we get a 4 game slate to work with, which actually includes a Power Conference game as Texas takes on Oklahoma St.  The top game to target is going to be the Eastern Michigan-Toledo match-up as this game could approach 160 points.  Some interesting price points for tonight’s slate so we should be able to get the guys we want in our lineups.  Let’s take a look at who we should be targeting and as always, hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions you may have!




Stuckey Mosley, Toledo ($6,200) vs Eastern Michigan – I think Mosley is a guy I am going to lock in as quickly as Antino Jackson (see below) as he contributes across the board for Toledo.  He went for 24.75 the last time these two teams met and is capable of getting us 35+ if he is aggressive with his own shot on the offensive end.  He is going to contribute 6-8 assists, grab 4-6 rebounds and pick up 2-4 steals.  Toledo is expected to be the highest scoring team of the night, so that should add to his assist totals.

Antino Jackson, Akron ($6,400) vs Kent St – Jackson has put up 63.75 fantasy points over his last two games and Akron is expected to be the second highest scoring team of the night as they should cross the 80 point mark.  Jackson has played 4 home games in his last 10 and the lowest fantasy point performance in those 4 games is 28.  I think you need to lock in Jackson in this home game for Akron.

Other Options – Jonathan Williams ($7,500), Jeff Newberry ($6,500), Brenton Scott ($6,100)


Paris Lee, Illinois St ($5,900) vs Indiana St – Lee is coming off of a rough game, however he had put up 97.5 fantasy points over the three games prior so we know that he has the ability to pay off his price point.  In the two games that these two teams have played this season, Lee has gone for 41 and 26 fantasy points.  The 41 came in a loss while the 26 came in a blowout win, where his minutes were cut back.

Jaylin Walker, Kent St ($3,000) vs Akron – Walker recently returned for Kent St and has looked OK on the court.  He is a guy that is extremely dependent on the ball going through the hoop and I think he could be worth a shot if you have multiple teams.  You do not necessarily need the extreme value play tonight as there are some really good mid-range options.

Other Options – Tim Bond ($5,900), Kellon Thomas ($5,600), Reggie McAdams ($5,300), Everett Clemons ($5,100), Joe Burton ($4,200), Deon Edwin ($3,700)




Nathan Boothe, Toledo ($10,200) vs Eastern Michigan – This is a tough call as I do not think we necessarily need to get Boothe in our lineups tonight.  I think if you are making just 1 lineup, you fade him and hope tonight’s game is similar to the first time these two teams met as Toledo spread out their scoring quite a bit and there were not a ton of rebounds to go around as Boothe finished with a 16 and 3 line.  Multiple lineups I think you have to have Boothe on a couple as he has the highest upside of anybody taking the court.

Jimmy Hall, Kent St ($8,100) vs Akron – This game is expected to be the second highest scoring game of the night and Kent St is going to need Jimmy Hall to play the way he has been over the last couple of games.  Hall has gone for 77.5 fantasy points over the last two games and he went for 33.5 the last time these two teams met.  Hall has one of the top usage rates in the country and I expect that to continue tonight.

Other Options – James Thompson IV ($8,300), Isaiah Johnson ($7,600)


Kwan Cheatham Jr, Akron ($5,700) vs Kent St – Akron is expected to be the second highest scoring team of the night and they could easily be the highest scoring when all is said and done, so we want to make sure we have some pieces of them.  The question becomes who as they can spread it around quite a bit as Cheatham has gone for 72.75 fantasy points in the last two games and he went for 26.25 the last time these two teams met.

Nate Navigato, Toledo ($4,500) vs Eastern Michigan – Navigato is an interesting option that happens to play for the team that is expected to score the most points tonight.  Navigato offers us a 30 fantasy point upside thanks to his ability to knock down the three.  He should see 22-25 minutes but he has shown the ability to get us 30+ as well and if you told me he was going to play 30+, I would have him in most of my lineups.

Other Options – Deontae Hawkins ($5,700), MiKyle McIntosh ($5,500), Brandon Nazione ($5,500), Khaliq Spicer ($5,300)