Welcome to Day 2 of the Sweet-16 as we get 4 games that should offer just as much scoring, if not more as last night’s slate did.


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Game Analysis

The first game of the night offers us UCLA taking on Gonzaga with an O/U of 144 which is the highest of the night.  Game two of the night between NC State and Louisville offers us the lowest O/U of the night at 129.5 and should be the slowest paced game by far.  Game three brings us Utah-Duke with an O/U of 134.5 and contrasting game styles as Duke is going to speed up the pace and Utah will want to slow it down.  The final game of the night gives us Oklahoma-Michigan St and an O/U of 136.  I think this game plays out higher than that and makes for an intriguing late night hammer.





Delon Wright, Utah ($8,900) – Wright has been pretty uninspiring through the first two games of the tournament as he has combined for 47.25 fantasy points but somehow Utah has managed to move on to take on Duke tonight.  In his two games prior to those he managed to put up 73.5 fantasy points which is the performance that Utah will need from Wright if they want to pull off the upset tonight.

Denzel Valentine, Michigan St ($8,600) – I think Valentine will end up being very under owned tonight and could reward you with a 40+ fantasy point performance in what should be the second highest scoring game of the night.  He was plagued by foul trouble against Virginia and managed just 15.5 fantasy points but had put up 70.5 points in his previous two games and should thrive in a more up and down atmosphere tonight.

Terry Rozier, Louisville ($8,400) – Rozier really showed up the last game against a tough Northern Iowa defense as he put up 42.25 fantasy points thanks to a 25-7-7 line.  The game tonight is projected to play to a pace very similar to that Northern Iowa game and Rozier is playing with great confidence.

Kevin Pangos, Gonzaga ($7,500) – This is the first time I have mentioned Pangos in any article this season as I always turned a blind eye to his performance.  At this point I just can not ignore what he is capable of doing on the floor and the fact that at the end of the game you will look up and see that he has 30+ fantasy points.  He has put up 83.25 fantasy points over his last 3 and this game should be extremely fast paced with UCLA offering very little as far as defense.




Jordan Woodard, Oklahoma ($5,300) – Woodard is generally very under owned as he is most likely the 5th option taken from Oklahoma.  He has scored 19+  fantasy points in 4 straight and offers us upside in the rebounding category and should be a safe bet for 20+ tonight against Michigan St.

Gary Bell Jr, Gonzaga ($4,800) – Bell has put up 60.25 fantasy points over his last 3 and has been on the floor for about 30 minutes per game.  Getting a starter from the highest scoring team of the night for under $5K is a great thing and I will have Bell in everything that I can.  He may only offer 25-27 fantasy point upside but that is more than enough to pay off his cheap salary.

Dakari Tucker, Utah ($3,800) – Tucker is more of a shot in the dark at just $3.8K tonight against Duke.  He is averaging nearly 32 minutes per game so far in the NCAA tournament and has put up 31 fantasy points thanks to averaging 10 points per game.  He is capable of contributing a few rebounds as well as making 2+ threes tonight against a Duke team that will try to speed Utah up.




Kyle Wiltjer, Gonzaga ($9,400) – Wiltjer has gone for 31+ in 5 straight games with 4 of those games being 35+.  I think he is the safest stud tonight and should be able to carve up the UCLA defense.  I think Okafor offers the higher upside but I just do not trust him tonight against the big interior of Utah.  We saw Wiltjer go off for 62 fantasy points just over a month ago and on any given night he offers that kind of upside but I think he tops out around 45 points tonight but that is more than enough for me.

Jahlil Okafor, Duke ($9,600) – As I stated above, I think Okafor has the highest upside of the studs tonight but I also think he offers a lower floor as the Utah interior defense is big and a handful.  He has 100.75 fantasy points over his last 3 games and is capable of putting up monster double doubles any time he takes the court.  There just is not enough value tonight to go with both Wiltjer and Okafor so I lean Wiltjer’s way, however for GPP upside, it is hard to not consider rostering Okafor.

Branden Dawson, Michigan St ($8,200) – Dawson has been pretty mediocre over his last 4 games having not topped 27 fantasy points in any of them, however he gets the tempo boost tonight and is able to explode for 40+ on any given night.  I really believe you will need some exposure to Michigan St tonight and I think Dawson is the first choice followed closely by Valentine.

Ryan Spangler, Oklahoma ($6,600) – Spangler has been rebounding at an extremely high rate lately as he has averaged 11 rebounds over his last 6 games.  He is not much of an offensive threat other than put backs as he has just 1 double digit scoring game over his last 10 however his rebounding numbers are extremely safe and he is capable of scoring 12-16 real game points which would offer us a 30+ fantasy point upside tonight.




Domantas Sabonis, Gonzaga ($5,500) – Sabonis has put up 74 fantasy points over his last 3 games and over those 3 games has averaged 13 points and 9 rebounds while playing 23 minutes per game.  This game is going to be the highest scoring of the night and there will be plenty of missed shots to be rebounded and Sabonis offers the best rebounding rate on Gonzaga.

Abdul Malik-Abu, NC State ($4,600) – Abu has played 60 minutes so far in the NCAA tournament and has put up 26 points and 16 rebounds which have lead to a total of 49 fantasy points so far.  He is playing a big role for this team in the paint and even though he may have his hands full with Harrell tonight, he should see plenty of minutes and be able to pay off his $4.6K salary.

Matt Costello, Michigan St ($3,900) – Costello should see 23+ minutes of action tonight and offers us about a 25 fantasy point upside with about a 15 point floor as long as he does see those minutes.  He has a pretty solid offensive game and has some solid feet down low.  He is capable of grabbing 7+ rebounds with a few of those being offensive put backs.  I think he is going to be a decently owned option tonight and he will make it easier to build your rosters around the studs.



That’s what we have for today, and hopefully its a great day for you guys.  Hit me up on twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) if you have any questions or even news to share.  I will certainly do my best to share injury news.