We will take a look at some of today’s top overall plays as well as some value plays to help you fit in your studs.  Make sure you take your shot at qualifying for the March Mania Bracket Tournament!


Tournament Alert

We have money up for grabs at all different price points today. Take your shots to be the big winner below in College hoops.


Game Analysis

Today we get to start the ACC conference tournament and get the WCC championship on the slate.  It is a small 3 game slate so I am going to do something a little different in the write-up and give you a break down of each of the 3 games as far as players go.



Georgia Tech vs Boston College

Boston College is favored by 3.5 in this one and the game offers us an O/U of 124.  Of the three, this game is the one that I want to target the least, however it does offer us one of the top 3 plays of the day in Hanlan.  Georgia Tech will be without their best player, Marcus Georges-Hunt, who is done for the season with a broken foot.  I have been really high on GT G Tadric Jackson for a couple of weeks now but his price has jumped to $5.1K and that scares me a little bit.  I think he is the only GT G that I would have any interest in and even that will be very minimal.  As far as GT F’s, I think Demarco Cox makes a solid play at $5.7K and I do not mind Charles Mitchell at $5.2K as he has shown great glimpses and he should see a boost without Georges-Hunt.

For Boston College it all starts with Hanlan and his price reflects that at $10.3K.  There are 2 other G’s that I will have some exposure to from BC and they are Patrick Heckmann at $5.3K and Dimitri Batten at $4.6K.  Heckmann offers us 33+ fantasy point upside and Batten offers 24 point upside and is able to get hot from deep.  The only F from BC worth even mentioning is Dennis Clifford and his $5.4K price tag is very affordable, however I just think he struggles in this one up against Cox, Mitchell and Sampson.


Virginia Tech vs Wake Forest

Wake is favored by 4.5 and this game offers us an O/U of 139.5.  I like this game and I hate it at the same time.  I can never get the VT back court figured out and it can be frustrating.  The one with the safest minutes is Ahmed Hill at $5K, however I think I like Adam Smith at $5.6K a little bit more even though he has a smaller floor, he offers a lot better upside.  I want to suggest Justin Bibbs but I just can not the way he has been playing.  He has the highest upside on VT, however he just does not seem right.  They really have no F’s worth talking about.

Wake Forest’s Codi Miller-McIntyre is definitely the number 1 target from this game in my eyes as he has been sitting around 30+ fantasy points the last 3.  Mitchell Wilbekin at $3.9K is a sleeper for me as he can get hot from deep and get you 20-22 fantasy points in 25+ minutes of action.  Devin Thomas has been playing terrible ball of late but he does offer us 40+ fantasy point upside at $8K.  I think he makes a very intriguing GPP option.  My favorite F in this game is Konstantinos Mitoglou.  At $5.2K he offers us mid 30’s upside and is not afraid to put up 6+ shots from deep.



BYU vs Gonzaga

Gonzaga is favored by 6.5 and the O/U is set at 153.  This game should be very entertaining to watch and to sweat.  You are going to need to have a few plays from this game to have a shot tonight.  For Gonzaga I think the best G play is Byron Wesley as he has been the most consistent over the last 2+ weeks.  Dranginis offers us a sneaky play from this game at just $4K as he has 52 fantasy points over his last 3 games.  As far as the F position goes, I think you have to be willing to use 2 of the 3 and to me, I don’t think it matters much which 2.  I like all 3 and Wiltjer is obviously the top F option of the night for a reason.  He is playing great basketball and offers us 60 point upside.  Karnowski and Sabonis both offer 30 fantasy point upside as Sabonis is an excellent rebounder and Karnowski is the better offensive player.

BYU is run by Kyle Collinsworth and his 6 triple doubles on the season.  He put up 34.5 the last time these two met and is coming off of a 51.5 fantasy point game.  I think Haws is priced too high at $9K, however he does offer us 45 fantasy point upside and may go under owned.  At $5.1K for Chase Fischer, I am all in at that price with what he can do from deep.  He is very much scoring dependent but he takes and makes threes in bunches and made 6 of 12 last night en route to 29.5 fantasy points.  As far as their F’s, I think the only one I can mention is Kaufasi, however foul trouble scares me tonight against the bigs of Gonzaga, but at $3.4K I think he makes a solid option and should offer 14-18 fantasy points.



That’s what we have for today and hopefully its a great day for you guys.  Hit me up on twitter, @Razzle11Grinds, if you have any questions or even news to share.  I will certainly do my best to share injury news.