We have a beautiful 13 game slate to take a look at for our Wednesday night CBB action.  A large number of teams are expected to be pretty high scoring on the night, however we do not have many games that are expected to be very close.  Let’s take a look at who we should be considering for our lineups and as always, hit me up on twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions or comments you might have!




Andrew Andrews ($10,100) – Washington is expected to be the highest scoring team of the slate and Andrews lit up tonight’s opponent, Arizona St, for 57 fantasy points just two and a half weeks ago.  He has been in somewhat of a shooting slump recently, however this could be the game that gets him rolling again and I will definitely have him in a place or two even though the price is pretty high.

Josh Hart ($8,200) – Hart is coming off of a 37.75 fantasy point performance and has put up a double-double in 5 of his last 7 games.  Hart also went off against tonight’s opponent, Creighton, in January as he went for 42.75 fantasy points in that game.  We know that guards are the way that we pick on Creighton’s defense and Hart should post a pretty nice line tonight.

Malcolm Brogdon ($7,600) – Brogdon has a great match-up as we know that BC stops basically nobody and this game should be over shortly after tip.  Brogdon showed us what kind of upside he has just two games ago as he put up 44.75 fantasy points against a defensively challenged Wake Forest team, while playing on the road.

Angel Rodriguez ($6,500) – Rodriguez has put up 101.5 fantasy points over the last three games and appears to be playing his best basketball of the season.  Miami should be able to attack Notre Dame from the guard position and I expect Rodriguez to be aggressive in this match-up.

Other Options – Fred Van Vleet ($8,100), Demetrius Jackson ($8,100), Isaiah Whitehead ($7,900), Jawun Evans ($7,400), Peter Jok ($6,500)


KeVaughn Allen ($5,600) – Allen has gone for 24+ fantasy points in 5 straight and 8 out of his last 10 games and is coming off of a 31.5 fantasy point performance against a pretty solid defense.  Florida should end the night as one of the top handful of teams in terms of points on this slate.

Ismael Sanogo ($5,500) – Sanogo has put up 58.25 fantasy points over the last two games and went for 27 points the lats time these two teams met this season.  Sanogo is one of those unsung heroes that you will not hear a ton about, however he just continues to produce positive things for Seton Hall.  He doesn’t take a ton of shots, but he rebounds extremely well and plays very solid defense.

Kodi Justice ($4,900) – Justice often gets overlooked and I am not sure why as he is a very capable player and has shown some pretty solid upside recently.  He is coming off of a 27.75 fantasy point game and put up 25.5 points the last time these two teams met.  Justice should be priced around the $5300 point, so we should take advantage of the discount while we can.

Glynn Watson Jr. ($4,400) – The match-up is pretty tough, however Nebraska gets a tempo boost in this game and Watson is capable of putting up 25+ fantasy points which would more than pay off his low price point.  He has been playing nearly 30 minutes a game recently and that is tough to ignore at this price.

Other Options – Tai Webster ($5,500), Rasheed Brooks ($5,100), Tyler Smithpeters ($4,600), Mikal Bridges ($4,600), Devin Foster ($4,200), Leo Vincent ($3,600)




Henry Ellenson ($9,100) – Ellenson is coming off of a 61 point performance over the weekend and went for 43.5 points the last time that these two teams met.  Marquette will get a slight tempo boost in this one and Ellenson should continue to put up really solid double-doubles.  The one negative is the fact that Marquette is expected to be one of the lowest scoring teams of the slate, however Ellenson is their go-to and he should be able to get his.

Dorian Finney-Smith ($8,300) – DFS has really turned in on during conference play and has been almost a guaranteed 35+ fantasy points each time he takes the floor.  He put up 39.25 fantasy points in the last game against a tough West Virginia team and now gets a very fast Arkansas team, so Florida will definitely get a nice boost in terms of possessions in this game.  Florida is one of my favorite teams to look at on this slate and I can assure you I will have a fair share of Allen and DFS on my rosters.

Zach Smith ($6,900) – I haven’t really written about Smith but he has been very solid lately for TT and has gone for 27 to 34.25 fantasy points in each of the last 4 games.  His minutes have been creeping higher and higher and with the return to the home floor tonight, I am going to say that Smith goes for 35+ fantasy points in this game.

Desi Rodriguez ($6,200) – Rodriguez is coming off of a 37 fantasy point game and three games ago went for 35.5 points against a tough Xavier team.  The last time these two teams met, Rodriguez went for a solid 27.75 fantasy points.  Seton Hall is expected to score between 75 and 80 points tonight and I think there are a few very solid plays from the Pirates.

Other Options – Moses Kingsley ($9,200), Jarrod Uthoff ($9,000), Zach Auguste ($8,000), Brandon Taylor ($7,100), Angel Delgado ($7,000), Sean O’Brien ($6,600)


Kris Jenkins ($5,900) – The word is that Ochefu is going to most likely miss two more games due to his concussion and that is going to open Jenkins up as probably the most popular play of the night.  He went for 38.25 fantasy points in the last game and managed to put up 34.25 fantasy points in the game prior to that.  Jenkins did struggle with foul trouble the last time these two teams met, however the way he is playing added to his additional opportunity means he is in a great spot tonight.

Obinna Oleka ($5,500) – Oleka has been one of my favorite plays recently as he has consistently gone for 25+ fantasy points when I have been using him.  The last time these two teams met, Oleka went for a double-double and 31.25 fantasy points.  I really like his chances in this game as Washington fouls a TON and Oleka is one of those guys that can get to the rim, while also being able to drain some threes.

Justin Gray ($5,200) – Gray really disappointed last time out as he got into major foul trouble and ended up playing just 16 minutes while putting up a putrid 4.75 fantasy points.  I think he gets back to the 20+ that he had been putting up and while I do not think he goes for 40+ in this game, we do know that he is capable of doing that as he has done it twice over his last 6 games.

Anthony Perez ($4,500) – I really like Perez’s upside as he has stepped in, along with Hymon, for the injured Saiz.  Hymon does a lot of the down low work while Perez steps out and knocks down some perimeter shots.  Perez recently went for 30 and 39.5 in back to back games so we know the upside is there.

Other Options – Adam Woodbury ($5,700), Malik Dime ($5,400), Marcanvis Hymon ($5,000), Garland Owens ($4,700), Matisse Thybulle ($4,600), Darryl Reynolds ($4,200), A.J. Turner ($4,200), Jakeenan Gant ($3,800), Rashard Kelly ($3,400)