Today’s CBB Targets break down the college basketball slate we have with a look at the studs, sleepers, and mid-range players you want to have  in your lineups.

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Game Analysis

We have an 11 game slate for CBB tonight and some interesting match ups to target. The obvious one is the Arkansas/Auburn game at a 150 total with a 5.5 spread. You need exposure to this game, because the spread is 12 points higher then any other game playable on this slate tonight. If you fade it completely you are likely burning money. I also really like the Georgetown/Seton Hall game at a 132 total with a 2 point spread. The Xavier/Marquette game is a 139 total with a 1.5 spread and that is probably the sneaky spot today as many of those players go low owned often. Kansas and Texas Tech is also interesting with a 130 total and a low spread, but those are basically all the games I like tonight. Most of the others have either large spreads or very low totals. You can still use a guy here or there from those games, but the upside is much lower than some of the guys in the games mentioned today.





  • Sterling Gibbs, Seton Hall ($8000) – The Price has dropped on the Seton Hall Guard after a poor shooting game last out against Marquette. In his three games preceding that he was able to go over four times value in each. Four points per $1000 of salary is the goal we shoot for when building our CBB rosters. While Gibbs underperformed last out due to his poor shooting, he did still reach over three points per dollar based off today’s price and he took the same number of shots as he usually does. I think he is in line for a bounce back game today in what is one of the higher totals on the day and expected to stay close. Close games also benefit him, because he’s the Pirates big shot guy who tends to get the ball late in the games. I’ve watched this kid play since he was in grammar school, so I admit I may be biased, but it’s easy to recommend him when his last four games have backed up my faith in him.


  • KT Harrell, Auburn ($7700) – Harrell has some really nice DK scores against some of the slower paced and more defensive minded teams in the SEC so far. Today he gets to go up and down at a breakneck speed against the fastest paced and highest scoring team in the league who also happens to be a little bit banged up at the Guard spot. Harrell has the potential to go for 35 DK points tonight and they will probably need him to in order to stay close with Arkansas. This is going to be a very entertaining game and I expect a solid stat line from KT tonight.



  • Anthlon Bell, Arkansas ($3500) – Michael Qualls is really hurting right now and may sit out tonight. Either way there has been a bigger role on this team for Bell lately. Jabril Durham was the top option guard off the bench earlier in the season and that role seems to have moved to the min priced Bell. He’s had over 10 DK points in four of the last five and scored 18.5 the other night. He’s a long range shooter who sees the floor well and is getting more minutes lately. If Qualls is out or limited he could see a bigger role and more minutes as both have been expanding recently. Take into account this is a higher over/under game that should go up and down and he may find himself with a good number of open looks on the wing. The DK 3-point bonus will help him reach value even faster is he knocks a few down. If he hits 2 3-pointers you are already at twice his points per $1000 on just those two shots. He drilled four last game, so it’s not a stretch today. I think he is a great cash game play to allow you to afford some studs. If he gets 25 minutes with the Qualls injury in a fast paced game like this he could get you 20 DK points or a robust 6 points per $1000.





  • Bobby Portis, Arkansas ($9100) – 7 of 8 games with double digit rebounds and he always gets double digit points. If you can find the value to fit him in you really need to do it. He’s not a guy who is going to go for 50, but he is as consistent as it comes to get you 30-40 on a nightly basis. He may or may not reach 4 points per $1000 but he should be close and the 30+ points he brings with him are the safest you will find tonight. He is in the highest total game by a wide margin and will be the best player on the floor. Plus DK offers the double double bonus which he has added to his stat line in seven of his last eight so it’s a good bet for tonight.


  • Cinmeon Bowers, Auburn ($8700) – I will be stacking a game that has a spread 10% higher than all the others tonight and Bowers in the man for Auburn. He’s had games where he goes for 40 DK points in his recent game logs, so I think you have to take a look at him today. Again here he plays in the highest O/U game and last out he was a few assists short of a triple double. He has back to back 10+ rebound games and if he can not find a way to help control the glass than Portis and the Razorbacks will dominate in this one. Bowers is a solid contributor and has scored well against slower paced rugged SEC defenses, so I think today is going to be his coming out party. I expect a big scoring double double from him tonight and he is my favorite forward to use.



  • Juan Anderson, Marquette ($5600) – The Marquette big man has kind of faded into the background of that offense since conference play started, but with Carlino still not cleared of the concussion protocol I think all the Marquette players are going to need to step up. Anderson has 20+ DK points in 3 of his last 4 and many more times earlier in the season. He is still playing 30+ minutes and only needs 22.5 or more to get value today which he has done recently. I like his upside tonight for GPPs, but he is not a slam dunk to go off. If Carlino is out I will feel much better about using him and a few others as value guys on Marquette.