Is everybody ready for Christmas?  I know I am definitely ready for all the food, or wait, shouldn’t I be saying I am not ready for all that food?  My gym membership loves this time of year, that’s for sure.  As we sit down and look at tonight’s slate, we see a handful of games that are expected to be blowouts with 5 of the 7 games having totals in the 140’s.  As always, make sure you hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) with any questions, concerns or comments!  Now, let’s take a look at who we should be targeting this evening.



Malcolm Hill (8,200) – Hill is coming off of a ridiculous 67.75 fantasy point performance and while I don’t think we can expect that tonight, I do think he makes for the best G play of the evening.  If you look at the two games prior to last game’s explosion, Hill had put up 72.75 fantasy points and is a good bet to get us 35+ tonight in what is expected to be one of the closest games of the slate.

Jordan Fouse (7,900) – Fouse did not have to do much last game as UWGB blew out UW-Superior, but the Phoenix are going to need Fouse a ton tonight if they want to pull the upset against the Badgers. Fouse is a poor man’s version of Denzel Valentine as he does everything on the floor for GB.  He is very active on the defensive end which is always a bonus because of his ability to rack up numerous steals.

Mike Brown (7,500) – Brown is WCU’s best player and they are going to need him in order to even keep this game somewhat close as Pitt should run away with this one.  Brown is coming off of a dud, however he is willing to fire up nearly 20 shots and if you take away last game, he had put up 113.75 fantasy points in his 3 previous games.

Jordan McLaughlin (6,800) – I wrote up McLaughlin the last time Jacobs was out and he responded with a dud of a performance, however I think that was more due to the fact that Reinhardt was on fire from three and USC didn’t need much from McLaughlin.  Of course the same could happen tonight, however USC is expected to approach 100 points in this one and McLaughlin should be their number 1 option.

Other Options – Carrington Love (7600), Kendrick Nunn (7600), Nick Lindner (7100), Ian Baker (6800), James Robinson (6700)


Bryce Scott (5,800) – Scott has gone for 78.75 fantasy points over his last two games and takes on a fast paced USC team tonight who is expected to approach 100, so Scott is going to be needed to try and keep this Lafayette team within striking distance.  Lafayette is expected to score in the mid-70’s and certainly could sneak into the 80’s if their shots are falling.  Scott is a great GPP option tonight.

Steven Haney (5,100) – LM is expected to be one of the lowest scoring teams of the night, which is what might keep me from using Haney, however he is firing up a ton of shots a game and even though he had a dud last game when he put up 18.75 fantasy points he still managed to put up 17 shots.  In the two games prior to the last one he had put up 66 fantasy points while taking 26 shots.  Volume is the key to this choice and it’s tough to find somebody at this price point, with this kind of shot volume.

Monty Boykins (4,700) – Boykins is the second Lafayette player listed here and while I would not expect you to take both, I think you can alternate which one you go with on your lineups as Boykins has gone for 28.5 and 29.5 fantasy points in his last two games and is shooting the ball extremely well.  This game is expected to be the highest scoring of the night, by a lot.

Jalyn Pennie (4,300) – Pennie plays a bunch of minutes for this NMSU squad and has turned on his scoring over the last two games.  He has gone for 48.25 fantasy points over those two games while shooting 7 for 15 from the field and grabbing 15 rebounds.  We do have to temper our expectations as Baylor is expected to run away with this game and Pennie had not crossed the 20 fantasy point mark all season prior to the last two.

Other Options – Sterling Smith (4800), Rhett Harrelson (4800), Turner Botz (3900), Dupree McBrayer (3500), Munis Tutu (3300)



Pascal Siakam (10,200) – I will start out by saying, the only reason I listed Siakam here is because he is the most expensive player of the night, by far.  I do not think I will be using him, unless I end up making 10+ lineups tonight as the match-up is just so tough for he and NMSU.  Siakam has shown us 70 fantasy point upside, however guys like Gathers, Motley, Maston and Prince are going to make it really tough for Siakam in the paint and it is going to be really tough for him to approach his rebounding numbers from most of the season.

Domantas Sabonis (8,700) – Sabonis has gone for 141 fantasy points over his last three games and should be able to overpower LM tonight in what should not be a very close game.  I think Sabonis is going to be the first guy I put into most of my lineups tonight as the match-up does not get much better. Sabonis seems to have taken over as the best player on Gonzaga and that surprises me slightly as I expected a HUGE year from Wiltjer.

Rico Gathers (8,500) – Gathers has ridiculous rebounding numbers so far this season and while I mentioned the match-up down low between he and Siakam, if I am going to get some action in this game it will most likely be on Gathers as he is $1700 cheaper than Siakam and has a higher team total working for him.  Gathers has 60+ fantasy point upside and while I do not think he grabs 20 rebounds, I wouldn’t be shocked if he did because he tends to show up when I least expect it.

Ethan Happ (7,300) – Happ has shown us 50 fantasy point upside so far this season and seems to be getting better and better.  He has been working on his foul rate which is a good sign, now if he could limit his turnovers a little bit he could start putting up some really impressive games for the Badgers as they really need somebody else to step up and help Hayes.  I am not sure GB has anybody who can handle Happ in the paint and I like Happ more than Hayes tonight because of the price difference.

Jordan Murphy (6,700) – Murphy has 4 monster double-doubles over his last 5 games and is in a prime position to pick up his 5th tonight against UW-Milwaukee.  He has gone for 43.5+ fantasy points in 3 of those 5 games and could certainly make that 4 out of 6 tonight.  Murphy has the makings of a future stud in the Big-10, but he certainly shows his freshman ways at times and gets into foul trouble.

Other Options – Michael Young (8500), Nigel Hayes (8400), Taurean Prince (7800), Matt Tiby (7400), Nikola Jovanovic (6800)


Austin Arians (5,600) – Arians is a solid GPP play in my eyes as he is not afraid to fire up shots from all over the court as he has taken 12 three point attempts in 2 of his last 3 games.  If his shot is falling, he could certainly put up 40 fantasy points tonight in a game that is expected to be close and could finish with around 150 points.

Michael Finke (4,500) – I can’t believe Finke is so cheap as he has gone for 99.5 fantasy points over his last 4 games and if you take out the 12.5 against Yale you get an average of 29 points per game over the other 3.  Finke does offer us 40 fantasy point upside, however I think he falls between 25 and 30 tonight as Malcolm Hill has really taken over for this Illinois team.

Rafael Maia (4,200) – Maia is coming off of a terrible performance but had put up 49.5 fantasy points in the two games prior to the last one and with Pittsburgh expected to run away with this game, I could see Maia getting 20-25 minutes of action tonight and that would be perfect for us as he has put up more than a point per minute when he gets 20+ minutes.

Chimezie Metu (3,900) – Metu has shown us 30 fantasy point upside and with this game expected to be so high scoring with USC looking at 100 points as a real possibility, I want to find as many guys as I can that play in this game.  Metu has put up 42.75 fantasy points over his last two and should see around 20 minutes of action tonight.

Other Options – Adom Jacko (5500), Kevin Puryear (4800), Marin Mornar (4600), Jakeenan Gant (3500), Shamar Johnson (3200), Marc Gosselin (3000)