Hope everybody had a great weekend as I am sure a number of you started your holiday get gatherings over the weekend.  The big question is who is ready to get back to making some money?  I know I am (I still have shopping to do)!  Tonight we get a 6 game slate to work with and we get to see a couple of games with totals in the 150’s as well as two more games with totals in the 160’s!  Should be a great night of College Basketball for us.

NOTE– Kris Dunn is always an excellent play when he is on the slate.  I have not heard an update on his health and right now would consider him iffy tonight.  If we find out he is 100% and ready to go, then I can certainly see him being in play, however at this point I lean towards not using him.



Demetrius Jackson (8,300) – Jackson has not been as studly as I would have thought up to this point in the season, however he is coming off of a game in which he took 17 shots and that is an intriguing thing to me.  He did not shoot it very well in the last game, however the opportunity was there and that is all we can ask for.  He is a little higher in price than I would have thought, but he does offer us 50 fantasy point upside while basically playing the entire game.  Notre Dame should win this one rather easily.

Marcus Paige (8,200) – We get Paige at a $300 price increase even though he went for just 28.5 fantasy points in his last game.  I think he bounces back with an excellent performance against an over-matched App St team.  UNC is expected to approach triple digits in this game and should have their way on the court.

Trey Davis (7,800) – This UMASS team has a couple of guards that can put up points in a hurry and they all offer us major GPP upside.  I chose Davis because he is the hottest of the group as he is coming off of a 62.5 fantasy point performance in the last game.  He is not afraid to fire up double digit three point attempts and as we see from the last game, is not afraid to attack the rim and get to the line.

Frank Eaves (7,500) – Eaves offers us 50 fantasy point upside in the right match-up and while he has a very tough match-up against UNC tonight, we recently saw that UNC can be beat from deep by shooters and that is exactly what Eaves is.  He is able to get hot from deep and put up points in a hurry. I think he makes an excellent GPP option tonight.

Other Options – Jevon Carter (7300), Retin Obasohan (7200), Javontae Hawkins (7100)


Jaysean Paige (5,200) – I have written about Paige a lot as I really like his overall game from a fantasy standpoint as he has very active hands and is able to put up fantasy points in a hurry and basically scores us over a point per minute played.  West Virginia is expected to put up a total in the 90’s in this contest, so there should be plenty of fantasy goodness for Paige to have.

Jalen Lindsey (4,900) – Lindsey has really stepped up for Providence while they have been without Dunn and he may be asked to do so again tonight.  He has played 39, 38 and 37 minutes in the last 3 games and has managed to put up 90.25 fantasy points over that span.  I absolutely love Lindsey for his price tonight should Dunn be forced to miss this game.

Kyron Cartwright (4,700) – Cartwright is another one that has been asked to make up for Dunn’s absence recently as his minutes have jumped from an average of about 16 to having to play 34, 22 and 39 over the last three games.  He has put up 67.5 fantasy points over those three games and while he doesn’t have Lindsey’s upside, he still makes for a solid option in a game that is expected to be close.

C.J. Anderson (3,600) – Anderson is somebody who should see around 20 minutes of action tonight, but is also capable of seeing his minutes rise to around 30.  He has a high of 27 fantasy points so far this season, so he is definitely capable of more than paying off his price.  He does a handful of things for UMASS and like I said, this game is supposed to be pretty competitive.

Other Options – Lamond Murray Jr. (5900), Daxter Miles Jr. (5800), Drew Edwards (3000), Brett Frantz (3000)



Domantas Sabonis (8,700) – While Karnowski has been out it has been Sabonis who has really picked up this Zags team and I think he continues his stellar play tonight, especially if Karnowski is out again. Sabonis has 62 rebounds over his last 5 games while scoring 109 game points in those 5 games.  He is coming off of a 59 fantasy point game against Tennessee over the weekend.

Brice Johnson (8,200) – Johnson is another guy who has stepped up for an injured teammate has he has posted 43.75 and 44 fantasy points in the last two games and should be a good bet to bypass the 40 point mark tonight against a very weak opponent in App St.  I would like to see Johnson turn back a few more shots at times as he has such long arms and athleticism that it should allow him to be a better shot blocker.  Look for a 40-45 point performance from Johnson tonight.

Zach Auguste (8,200) – Auguste offers us a 50 point upside while not being priced like he should give us that ceiling.  Auguste can be frustrating, but he has worked on his game more coming into this season and generally has been able to stay on the floor a lot more than last season due to stupid fouls.  I say that after he fouled out last game but I will chalk that up to the attacking style of Indiana’s offense.  I look for Auguste to get back to the double-double machine he had been prior to the last 2 games.

Ben Bentil (8,200) – I debated between Bentil and Bullock in this spot and I think Bentil offers us a higher ceiling so that is why I went with him, even though both players make great GPP options tonight. Bentil is coming off of a 44.5 fantasy point performance and is Providence’s best player when they are without Dunn in the lineup.

Chris Boucher (8,200) – This is another spot where I debated between teammates as I really like Dillon Brooks a lot, however Boucher has been playing really well and I think is a safer bet to hit that double-double mark as he has done so in 4 of his last 5 games.  He also leads the Pac-12 in blocked shots this season and I always LOVE to utilize guys that can affect a game in the blocks and steals categories.

Other Options – Dillon Brooks (8100), Stacy Davis (8000), Bonzie Colson (6400)


Nick Mayo (5,300) – Mayo certainly has a tough match-up in a game where they are expected to be blown out, however he has been playing really well recently as he has put up 95.5 fantasy points over his last 3 games.

Jimmie Taylor (5,000) – Hale missed the last game for Bama and Taylor stepped up and went for 29.75 fantasy points and is in a similar spot tonight as Hale has been ruled out due to medical reasons for tonight’s game.  Bama does not have an extremely high team total, but they should benefit from playing an Oregon team that likes to push the pace at times.  I do wish Taylor’s price had stayed down in the $4.6K range, however I think he will be a staple in most of my lineups.

Jett Raines (4,800) – How can you not want to play a guy with the name of Jett Raines?  Raines has gone for 26+ fantasy points in 2 of his last 3 games as he seems to be becoming a bit more trusted on the floor as he has put up 30 shots over those 3 games.  It certainly is a tough match-up for Raines tonight, however I like the way he has played recently and think there’s a decent chance he pays off his price tonight.

Seth Berger (3,900) – Berger has put up 21.75 fantasy points in 2 of his last 4 games and is coming off of a 16.5 fantasy point performance.  He basically averages 4x his current price tag on the season.  I think he is somebody that can help plug a cheap hole to allow you to get an extra stud like Boucher or Eaves into your lineups.

Sidney Umude (3,900) – Umude has been playing bigger minutes for Youngstown St recently and has responded with some solid performances.  He has put up 111.25 fantasy points over his last 5 games, which is an average of 22.25 points, which more than pays off his current price tag.  He has a high of 34.75 points over that span so we know he is a capable option for us tonight.

Other Options – Kameron Edwards (4000), Jacob Lawson (3700), Griffin Kinney (3600), Rashaan Holloway (3500)