Today’s CBB Targets break down the college basketball slate we have with a look at the studs, sleepers, and mid-range players you want to have  in your lineups.

Game Analysis

On a night we have only two NBA games on the slate, DK was nice enough to give us a very robust group of games to choose from in the NCAA. 15 games on the docket tonight is well above average and we have some nice match ups. There’s a few games here I will be targeting. When targeting games we want to look for the ones with the highest Vegas totals and the lowest spread. Close high scoring games are good for fantasy points. To that end we want to pay particular attention to the Georgia/Arkansas match up, the Ohio St./Minnesota game, the St. John’s/Villanova game. Oklahoma St./Iowa St. and Georgetown/Marquette are also interesting spots but a little below the first three.




  • D’Angelo Russel, Ohio St. ($9200) – I usually look for guys that can get me at least 4 times value at the top end when I pay up and Russell despite being the most expensive guard on the slate is right around there. He averages over 31 DK points per game and needs about 35 for value. He also averages about 31 minutes and I think he sees a few more tonight in league action. Remember he played a full 40 last league game against Illinois so it’s probable. Throw in the fact this is the highest O/U game and one thing Russel can do is score and it’s easy to see why I like him today. Most people will not pay up for him, but he’s clearly a must use for me tonight.


  • Carlos Morris, Minnesota ($7000) –  On the other side of that high scoring I game I like Morris best of the Minnesota guards. He is playing 30 minutes a game over his last four and averaging 15 shot attempts with many of them from behind the arc. While he has not shot it well lately I like a volume shooter in a projected fast paced high over under game. Morris shot horribly last game and had no assists which is unusual for him. He usually picks up a few rebounds and assists per game and what I really like is he averages over 2 steals per contest and often turns those into easy transition buckets. A steal and a bucket or a steal and an assist add up to 3 or 4 fantasy points every time it happens. If he does that three times he is halfway to value just off his defensive abilities and that is the kind of upside in a fast pace game a volume scorer with defensive abilities  can have.



  • Nate Mason, Minnesota ($4800) – Frosh comes off the bench yet still manages to play about 20 minutes a game. He’s not just wasting floor space either as he has averaged around 10 points, 5.5 Reb/Ast and 1.5 Stl/Blk per game. I know I am going back to the well on this one, but it is expected to be the highest scoring game on the slate and Mason averages about what he needs for value here. A slight pace uptick could improve his numbers and make him a 4 to 5 time his salary guy easy. Cash game and GPP safe with his low price making a nice floor and allowing you to pay up for a D’Angelo Russel.





  • Bobby Portis, Arkansas ($8200) -The Double Double machine is rosterable for that at a minimum. A double double alone is worth 24 points and that puts him at 3 times his salary. Considering he had no less then 9 rebounds in any of the last five games while not playing 30 minutes in any of them I think it’s a safe bet. He averages 17 points so that would bring him up to 31 and again I forecast more minutes for him tonight so he could even go above those averages. If Arkansas is going to win this game he will be heavily involved in it.


  • Maurice Walker, Minnesota ($7200) – In case you can’t tell I really like this Minn/OSU game tonight and already bet the over on it. Walker is the big guy that will be doing work for the Gophers. He stuffs a stat sheet and is usually around his floor of 3 times value based on his price tonight. With the hot pace and added minutes he has a very good shot at not only reaching his 4 times value to keep GPP winning pace but even to bust through it and really move you up in the standings. Gophers are going to need him to control the boards and limit OSUs second chances if they are going to win. I think the athletic big man can put up a game similair to what he did against Maryland and that would be fantasy gold tonight.



  • Marc Loving, Ohio State ($620) – Ok, this was an easy one, but none the less it will be a good test to see how many people do their homework before playing college basketball tonight. If you are reading this your chances of winning tonight just increased by 50%. That’s right, play 50/50s tonight and use this guy an watch how many people do not. Loving is a guy I would have and did recommend last time at around 5200 and he made value. He’s playing around 30 minutes a game now and scoring over 20 DK points. I can’t find any news that says he is hurt or suspended or anything like that yet, so if he plays and you do not roster this gift you were given then you deserve to lose. Check the price again, it’s not a typo. 20+ DK points for only $620. Not $6200, $620. If you don’t like free money then don’t listen to me, but take this guy first on your roster and then build around him with the studs you can now fit due to the salary relief. Submit line up, win money. It’s that easy. Your welcome