A Bang-Bang Play

Easy to Draft. Fast Scoring. Exciting to Watch.

Enter the Arcade Mode
Four-Seamer contest ($4 Entry)

  • Select just 5 hitters
    and 1 pitcher
    (max 2 hitters from same team)
  • Higher points per play, more scoring categories and bonuses
  • Games are even more
    exciting to follow

Quick Tips

Pitching Matters

Wins are worth nine points in Arcade Mode, which means you'll definitely want a pitcher that can dominate hitters and gets solid run support.

Target the Top

You accrue fantasy points for plate appearances in Arcade Mode. Since hitters at the top of the order usually get to the dish more, focusing on these guys could get you more points.

Go Yard

In Arcade Mode, a player receives 15 points for hitting a home run. So, focus on the guys that go yard.

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  • Plate Appearance+1 PTs
  • Hit+5 PTs
  • Double*+2 PTs
  • Triple*+4 PTs
  • Home Run*+15 PTs
  • Run+6.75 PTs
  • RBI+6.75 PTs
  • Stolen Base+12.5 PTs
  • Sacrifice Fly+3.2 PTs
  • Base on Balls+3.2 PTs
  • Hit by Pitch+3.2 PTs
  • Bonuses
  • Grand Slam Bonus+10 PTs
  • HR/SB Combo (Max 1 per player)+10 PTs
  • 1st Hit (Max 1 per player)+5 PTs

* NOTE: Hitters get points for a plate appearance, a hit AND the hit type. E.G. 1 (Plate Appearance) + 5 (Hit) + 2 (Double) = 8


  • Inning Pitched+4.2 PTs
  • Strike Out+4.5 PTs
  • Win+9 PTs
  • Complete Game+5 PTs
  • Complete Game Shutout+5 PTs
  • No Hitter+10 PTs
  • Earned Run Allowed-4.5 PTs
  • Hit Against-1.2 PTs
  • Base on Balls Against-1.2 PTs
  • Hit Batsman-1.2 PTs
  • Click Here for More Scoring Notes

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