In the Reignmakers Football game, the Player Card NFTs each have a rarity tier. In order of least scarce to most scarce, those tiers are CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY and REIGNMAKER. Holding scarcer Player Cards matters, because contests have minimum scarcity requirements to create a valid lineup.

ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tier Player Cards have “guaranteed scarcity”, which means only a pre-defined, limited amount of Player Cards for each player will be created throughout the entire 2022 season.


All Players receive an Edition Tier and that, along with the rarity tier, determines the maximum number of Cards for each player. There are two levels: Offensive Starters and Roleplayers who are most helpful in fantasy football have more supply, whereas deeper depth chart athletes and Defensive Players have less supply.


The number of CORE and RARE Player Cards has no guaranteed scarcity in the 2022 season. RARE will never exceed 25% of the supply of CORE. The RARE and CORE Card supply will also be capped in specific Sets, such as GENESIS, where:

  • RARE Cards per player = 4x the amount of ELITE
  • CORE Cards per player = 5x the amount of RARE

Players may change Position Category or SuperStar Status as a part of our Mid-Season Updates to improve the quality of the game. For example, if a player not in the initial set becomes a starting QB, we will include them in a Midseason Update set so there are an adequate level of Cards in play for a QB1.

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