Multi-Year Utility of Player Card NFTs

The 2022 Reignmakers Football Player Card NFTs that are officially licensed by the NFLPA are yours to own forever, however also, they will have some future year utility in Reignmakers Football after the 2022 football season. While the primary focus of Reignmakers Football rewards will always be on the current season’s collection, utility of past season cards will be provided in several forms.

  • Reignmakers Football No-fee Fantasy Games for Past Season Player Card NFTs: No-fee Contests will be offered where Player Card NFTs from prior seasons can be used to compete for and win prizes, with a focus on winning current season Player Card NFTs and other prizes.
  • Reignmakers Football Paid Leagues for Past Season Player Card NFTs: Public Contests will be offered that include an entry fee to play, where Player Card NFTs from prior seasons can be used to compete for and win a share of the prize pool. Private paid contests will also be available.
  • Franchise Score Credit: Prior season Player Card NFTs will give some level of credit towards your current season’s Franchise Score, helping you compete for season-long prizes.
  • Missions and Achievements: Periodically we will offer Missions and Achievements that reward holding prior season Player Card NFTs in your collection.
  • Exchange Prior Year Cards for Current Season Benefits: Holders of prior year NFTs will be able to elect to surrender, or “burn”, prior year Player Card NFTs in order to gain certain upgrades or benefits that can help in the current season’s games.
  • Marketplace Support: Prior season Player Card NFTs will continue to be supported in the DraftKings Marketplace for buying and selling.

Note that the Rarity Tier will matter in future seasons’ utility. Guaranteed scarcity cards (ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER) will have enhanced utility relative to CORE and RARE cards. In general, the higher the rarity tier, the better the future utility will be.

The 2022 Field Pass has utility that ends at the conclusion of the 2022-23 football season. Field Pass holders, however, are eligible for a first right to renew that pass in 2023 at a “to be announced” cost.

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