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2024 Greens Pass Drop Details By Tier

Pass Rarity Professional Greens Pass Champion Greens Pass
Drop DateStarts 1/23Starts 12/13
Preferred Access Snapshot

(must hold 2023 Greens Pass of the same tier)

1/22 @ 11:59 PM ET12/12 @ 11:59 PM ET
Preferred Access Start Time1/23 @ 12:00 PM ET (NOON)12/13 @ 12:00 PM ET (NOON)
Preferred Access End Time 1/25 @ 12:00 PM ET(NOON)12/15 @ 12:00 PM ET(NOON)
Public Drop Start Time1/25 @ 1:00 PM ETAuctions start 1/22 @ 12:00 PM ET (NOON)
Public Drop End Time1/29 @ 9:00 AM ETAuctions end 1/26 @ 8:15 PM ET
Waiting Room/Queue (opens 30 minutes prior to drop start)YesN/A
Public Purchase Limits
  • Initial: 2
  • After 2:00 PM ET on 1/25/24: 25

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2024 Greens Pass Benefits By Tier

Pass Rarity: Professional Greens Pass Champion Greens Pass
*Player Card from the Fairway Set (Awarded in March 2024)RareElite+
Rebate on ALL Primary 2024 RM PGA TOUR Purchases5%10%
Preferred Access For Drops With 1 PGA TOUR pack per drop (non-stackable, based on highest tier owned)3 PGA TOUR packs per drop (non-stackable, based on highest tier owned)
Flat Franchise Score Point Bonus500 points2500 points
WM Phoenix Open Showdown Pack12

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Top Tier Player List

Packs will include One Digital Golfer Card from the players listed:

Group 1 Golfers (26 Total)


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Public Access to Professional Greens Passes is available now!

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Greens Pass FAQs

What passes can I buy in December vs January?

  • A total of 400 Champion Greens Passes will be available for purchase in December 2023.
  • The Professional Greens Pass is expected to be available for purchase in January 2024. There will also be 100 Champion Greens Passes available for auction.

Will 2024 Greens Passes be available for resale?

  • 2024 Greens Passes will not be available for resale.

Which Benefits are Stackable (the more passes you own the more benefits you receive)?

  • Franchise Score Points, the digital player card award, and the Showdown packs are all stackable benefits (1 per pass held).
  • Stackable benefits are benefits that can be received per-pass regardless of number of passes owned. Unstackable benefits are benefits where you get one of regardless of the number of passes held and are based on the highest rarity tier of the pass owned.
  • Preferred Access and Primary Pack Rebates are not stackable benefits (1 per pass held). Preferred Access and Primary Pack Rebates are based on the highest rarity tier pass held.

How will rebates for 2024 Greens Pass Holders work?

  • Rebates will apply to primary drop purchases of 2024 Reignmakers PGA TOUR collection packs and collectibles only.
  • Rebates do not apply to any other purchases, including, without limitation, Auctions, Secondary purchases, Trade-In Tokens, 2023 Reignmakers PGAT TOUR collection, Greens Passes or 2024 Reignmakers PGA TOUR Break Tickets, field pass, and octagon pass.
  • Rebate percentage defaults to the highest tier pass owned per user. This benefit is not stackable (does not increase with the number of passes owned). Applies to all applicable primary purchases, while supplies last.

When will users be credited the Player Card from the Fairway Set?

  • Holders will receive the Player Card the week of the Fairway Set drop, slated for March 2024. (Exact award date to follow)

What is the probability of receiving a Player Card award from the Fairway Set by Rarity Tier?

  • Champion
    • Reignmaker: 5%
    • Legendary: 20%
    • Elite: 75%
  • Professional
    • Rare: 100%

When will users be credited the WM Phoenix Open Showdown Pack?

  • Holders will receive the packs no later than 2/6/24.

How are Franchise Score points applied?

  • They are applied as a flat bonus on top of existing Franchise Score points.