January 9th, 2023 • Playoffs Update

The superstar player list has been updated for the 2023 postseason. Superstars whose teams were eliminated from the postseason have been removed and the list of total superstars has been reduced to six of the top remaining players. Three superstars from each conference were selected.

Summary of Changes

Players Removed: Joe Burrow, Tyreek Hill, Lamar Jackson, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Nick Chubb & Justin Herbert

Remaining Superstar List: Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes II, Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, Austin Ekeler, Christian McCaffrey

Oct. 31st, 2022 • Superstar List Updated

The Reignmakers football Superstar list has been updated. The full list can be found below. 

Summary of Changes

Players Added: Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Tyreek Hill

Players Removed: Aaron Rodgers, Dalvin Cook, Najee Harris, Jonathan Taylor, CeeDee Lamb, Ja'Marr Chase, Deebo Samuel

September 28th, 2022 • Superstar List Changes for 2022 Season

Effective from game Week 9, we will be making our first of two planned seasonal Superstar list updates, the second of which will go into effect for the start of the postseason. 

The below is the criteria we will be using as we consider which players to add or remove to the Superstar list:

  • Players will only be considered for removal from the Superstar list if they are scoring outside of the top 10 at their position, in both total FPTS and FPTS per game
  • We will only consider adding new players to the Superstar list if they are currently in the top 10 list of their positions (or within 10% of 10th place)
  • We will not include a QB and a WR/TE to the Superstar list if they are on the same team
  • It will be at our discretion if we add/remove a player on the Superstar list
  • We will never include more than 25 players on the Superstar list

After Week 8 we will share the updated Superstar list with everyone. Be sure to join our Discord channel for the latest announcements and news

Current Superstar Player List

List Updated: October 31st, 2022


Austin Ekeler


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Christian McCaffrey


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Josh Allen


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Justin Jefferson


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Patrick Mahomes II


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Jalen Hurts


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