PLAY: How to Play Reignmakers

Contests (free to all) 


We are in development preparing for a launch of Missions for Reignmakers Football, which will provide additional bonus rewards to players for completing a variety of specific Reignmakers Football tasks. We look forward to sharing more as this launch approaches later on in the 2022 season.


Before the season, DraftKings will launch Reignmakers Football Achievements. If you have ever used DraftKings’ DFS Achievements before, this will be familiar to you! Several of our most popular achievement paths will be available for rewards this season, such as Ironman, TD Hunt, and more. 

The Reignmakers Football Achievements will go live later in the month of August, within the same platform as our Daily Fantasy Sports Achievements, for a preview, you can see more (here).

Franchise Score 

Franchise Score points work like this: 

You will earn base Franchise Score points for every Player Card NFT that you are holding in Reignmakers Football. More points will be awarded for higher rarity tier Player Card NFTs. 

Certain Sets will carry enhanced Franchise Score points above the base amount. Bonus points will be awarded for completing collection missions (which we’ll talk more about below.) You can boost your Franchise Score for this season by up to 5% by holding a 2022 Field Pass! 

  • CORE: 1% boost 
  • RARE: 2% boost 
  • ELITE: 3% boost 
  • LEGENDARY: 4% boost 
  • REIGNMAKER: 5% boost 

The Top 10 Franchise Scores as of November 30th, 2022 will be awarded Qualifier Entries into the $1,000,000 Reignmakers Football World Championship in New Orleans, to compete for a share of the $1,000,000 in cash – including $250,000 to first place.

Additionally, at various times during the season, there will be snapshots of the Franchise Score to determine who is eligible to receive some bonus reward prizing, including private contest access, swag, and cash.

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$1 Million RM Champ (Qualifier) 

You think you have what it takes to be the GOAT of Reignmakers Football? 50 qualifying spots will be awarded to our first-ever LIVE Championship event, taking place on December 19th, 2022 in New Orleans, LA. In addition to winning the weekend trip package to New Orleans, our qualifiers will compete in the ultimate Reignmakers Football challenge for their share of $1 Million in cash prizes.

In this true test of greatness, Qualifiers will complete 5 different Reignmakers Football lineups for the Week 15 Classic set using their Player Card NFT collection – one at each of the CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER contest tiers. The best cumulative score will win 2022’s Reignmakers Football World Championship and walk away with $250,000 cash, the coveted 2022 Reignmakers Football Title Belt, and gain entry to the exclusive DraftKings Tournament of Champions semi-final event. 


We have 50 spots up for grabs to compete in the Reignmaker Football World Championship. Qualify in one of several ways: 

  • 5 qualifiers from the Week 1 Field Pass Holders Enhanced Prized contests (1 winner from each tier.) 
  • 30 qualifiers from Weeks 2-11 Classic Set contests at ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers. 
  • 5 qualifiers from Week 12 Last Chance contests (1 winner from each tier.) 10 Qualifiers from the top 
  • 10 Franchise Scores on the leaderboard through the end of Week 1.

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