BUILD: Your Line-Up

Scarcity / Supply by Player Position

1. At the heart of Reignmakers Football is Player Card NFTs. These are what allow you to enter contests throughout the season and compete for scarce NFTs and millions in prizes. Once you own these Player Card NFTs, they’re yours to do with as you wish. You’re the coach. The GM. The owner. So collect them to build the best roster possible. Sell them for cash. The choice is yours.
2. Player Position + Role = NFT Supply. If you’re a starter, you’re going to have more utility in fantasy. That’s why the amount of NFTs we’re creating is greater for starting players than for those lower on the depth chart. Every player in the 2022 Reignmakers Football collection is bucketed into one of the following “Position Categories” based on their expected role in the team’s depth chart.
3. See the player count for each category (in parentheses), with total player counts subject to change over the course of the season.

  • QB1 (33)
  • Skill Starter (124)
  • Role Player (57)
  • Additional Depth (131)
  • Kickers (31)
  • Defensive Player (128)
  • Rookie - Offense (32)
  • Rookie - Defense (32)
4. You can also see which category your Player Card NFT has within the metadata
attributes of the cards themselves.


Scarcity by Rarity
When it comes to ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER tiers, we’ve already determined the max. edition counts for the season. This ensures guaranteed scarcity and has taken into account all the drops, auctions, prizing, and more.
Take a look at the table for edition counts by rarity tiers and Position Category for the 2022 NFL season.

These totals will be enforced across the season for all drops. For example, the 20 players included in the Field Pass Airdrop will include some of their total ELITE, LEGENDARY, and REIGNMAKER NFTs dropped. Which means, one less edition count through the other distribution methods.

You’ll be able to score cards through:

  • Field Pass Promo Airdrops
  • Pack Drops (starting with Genesis Drop on 8/4)
  • Auctions (starting with Genesis Drop on 8/4)
  • Contest Prizing
  • Other Promotions
  • It’s worth noting that we do reserve the right to produce fewer editions than the amounts listed in this chart. Additionally, players may change Position Category as part of our Mid-Season Update, but only to the extent that their final edition counts do not exceed the stated maximums for their new Position Category. For example, if a player not in the initial set becomes a starting QB, we reserve the right to include them in a Midseason Update set as a QB1 to ensure the game quality is high.


Contests Gated by Card Rarity
CORE and RARE edition player cards have no maximum supply to start the season. However, RARE will never exceed 25% the supply of CORE. For example, the available supply of CORE and RARE cards in the GENESIS drop will be capped at:

  • RARE supply = 4x the amount of ELITE.
  • CORE supply = 20x the amount of ELITE, 5x the amount of RARE.

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On top of that supply, we’ll have several programs to reward new players who join the game. This will create an additional supply of CORE and RARE cards based on the number of people who join.


1. STARTER PACK: This FREE pack is for anyone to try Reignmakers Football. This pack contains 6 CORE cards (no SuperStars) and features a QB, RB, WR, WR/TE, FLEX, and Def/K. This pack allows you to create a full roster and join a contest right away. This pack is not eligible to be sold, will be limited to one per DraftKings customer, and you can use it all season long.
2. SUPERSTAR PACK: To give your roster that one anchor player, customers can buy a SuperStar pack containing a single CORE card with the SuperStar designation. This will be limited to one per DraftKings customer.
3. BOOSTER PACK: Containing 3 CORE Player Card NFTs, this pack is available all season long, and offers a 50% chance of one of the cards being a RARE tier card.


Take a look at the graphs below to see how the rarity of your cards determines which contests you can enter. The higher up in contest tiers you go, certain card rarities will no longer be eligible for your roster (e.g. CORE cards aren’t eligible for any contests above the RARE tier, etc).

Additionally, when considering the Superstar player attribute, not only is your roster limited to having only one Superstar, but your Superstar player card must at least match the contest rarity tier itself. (e.g. For a RARE tier contest, CORE tier Superstars will not be eligible)

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