DraftKings has crowned two millionaires in the last eight days, and there will be another come a week from right now. Of course, you want it to be you. And honestly, good luck. You have as much of a shot as anyone. But don’t forget, there is a ton of other action to dive into as well. From the high participant tournaments listed here, to head-to-head matchups, and everything in between (double and triple ups, anyone?), there is a daily fantasy football contest to fit every player.

Featured Tournaments

What: NFL $2.2MIL Millionaire Maker

When: Sunday, October 19th, 1:00


*$2,200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$1,000,000 to the champion!

*92,400 total contestants

*Top 15,500 finishers walk away winners

This is the last of three $27 entry Millionaire Maker tourneys presented by DraftKings. There will be other chances to make your first million later in the season, sure. But think of it this way: there is a 1 in 5 million chance of winning the typical state lottery (not the big games like PowerBall). If you spent $27 on lottery tickets, that would get your chances to about 1 in 200,000. Here, you only have to compete with 92,400 others, and you control your own destiny!

What: NFL $250K Flea Flicker

When: Sunday, October 19th, 1:00


*$250,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$25,000 to the winner!

*57,500 total entrants

*11,760 total winners

I get it. If you’re gonna compete in a big contest, why not make it the Millionaire Maker? I mean, this one will ONLY get your $25,000 if you win. Why? BECAUSE IT’S $25,000 for PLAYING FANTASY FOOTBALL. And if you thought $27 was cheap, $5 works even better.

What: NFL $100K Play-Action

When: Sunday, October 19th, 1:00


*$100,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$10,000 to the winner!

*57,500 total contestants

*Top 11,500 finishers get paid!

Talk about a confidence booster. Turn yourself into a grinder with plenty of bankroll to back you up, and do it with a $2 entry fee? Sounds like a plan.

What: CFB $12.5K Primetime

When: Saturday, October 18th, 12:00


*$12,500 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$1,500 to the winner

*1,188 total contestants

*Top 225 finishers get paid!

This contest includes the early slate of NCAA football action on Saturday only, and it’s only $12 to play. If you think you know something about this weekend’s action, or just want another good reason to watch, here’s your chance to get what you want. Take advantage.

What: CFB $750 Redshirt

When: Tuesday, October 14th, 8:00 pm


*$750 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$150 to the winner!

*2430 total contestants

*Top 100 finishers take home some extra cash!

The real answer to why? Because 1. you love college football, 2. you love daily fantasy sports, 3. you simply cannot wait another day to get back in on the action.

What:NFL $100K Gridiron

When:Thursday, October 16th, 8:25


*$100,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$15,000 to the winner

*4,200 contestants…

*and 840 of them get paid!

Plus, Thursday! Love you some Pats, or don’t want to wait for Sunday, get in on the action now.

And don’t forget to check out DraftKings’ “Create a Contest” feature! Put together your own contest, and make it public! Or play a private game against your friends (nothing like another way to win bragging rights!). You can play for free, or for big money; you can take on your best friend (or archrival) in a head-to-head contest, or invite 40 of your closest pals. Have fun!

Come back here to The Playbook every week to get all the info you need on the great daily fantasy tournaments coming up that week on DraftKings! Then go and find all of these tournaments and more right… here.