Josh Hamilton is suffering from a debilitating disease that is jeopardizing a promising career in Major League Baseball. There is no doubt that he recently suffered a relapse involving illegal drugs; he admitted it.

Hamilton self-reported his lapse and stood tall to take his lumps. He knew this could mean suspension. It could have meant the end of his career. A career with such promise but also much turbulence.

The details are not important because just those facts are enough for certain rules and penalties to trigger according to the MLB and the players union contract.

The MLB has ruled that Hamilton did suffer a relapse but he is not illegible to play this season. Will he play? Sure in a month, but don’t waste a draft pick, folks.

If the Angels front office had its way, Hamilton’s contract would have passed through the shredder and they would have dumped the body at the stadium recycling bin. No joke. The Angels publicly stated they have “serious concerns” about Hamilton.

That is bogus. The Angels have $83 million serious concerns with Hamilton. They want to save those and pass them over to another cog in their machine. Disgraceful.

Right now, Josh Hamilton needs support and security. Right now, the Angels are giving him neither.
Right now, Josh Hamilton needs support and security. Right now, the Angels are giving him neither.

Think of it like this. You go to work everyday. You earn a good salary. Perhaps one of the best in your industry. Then one day you slip up and break a serious rule involving drugs or alcohol. But you don’t hide it. You walk right into your boss’ office and tell the truth. You’d expect to be treated with some sort of respect or even understanding. You’ve got a contract between you and your employer that says you have rights.  Well, you aren’t respected. Your rights are ignored. Your boss has you escorted out of the building and gives away your office before the end of the day. That’s what is happening to Josh Hamilton. It is wrong.

Right now, the best thing Josh Hamilton needs is time and treatment. Like time spent with the trainers, Hamilton needs time spent with therapists and rehabilitation. He is still a human being and suffering from an addiction is a serious matter that jeopardizes any who battle that monster.

What Hamilton doesn’t need is the club who’s jersey he pulls across his shoulders to doubt and question him. But more importantly, he doesn’t need his club to use his pain and disease as an excuse to try and save a buck this summer.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim disagree with the recent ruling by MLB that Hamilton’s self reported relapse did not warrant suspension. In short, the Angels want to kick Hamilton off the team. But not for any valid reason, they want to save a buck. Precisely $83 million.

I understand, the Angels front office wants to maximize its salary cap, just you or I on any given matchup, but they signed Hamilton to a HUGE contract. Nobody forced them to sign that deal. Nobody said, “give Hamilton a huge chunk of money, and don’t pay him when it turns dark.”

They need to stand by that paper or nothing is reliable.

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