How Does Curry’s Huge Game Compare to the Greatest of All Time?

Stephen Curry is off to a scorching-hot start, dropping 53 points on Halloween against the Pelicans.
His final stat line: 53 points (17-27 FG, 8-14 3Pt, 11-11 FT), 9 Assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals.
That was good for 82.5 Fantasy Points on DraftKings and helped user tstarks win a $15,000 first place prize on Halloween. His entry to the contest? $3.

Just how does Curry’s stat line compare to some of the all-time greatest fantasy basketball performances? We’ve taken a look at 4 of the most dominant games of all time.

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Kobe Bryant
Date: 1/22/06
Stats: 81 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 1 block, 7 3pts made
Fantasy Points: 103

When comparing Kobe’s 81 point game to the other high scoring performances, a lot will point out the number of shots he took. But with teammates like Smush Parker and Kwame Brown as his other options, it seems like Kobe had to take this one on his own to take down the Raptors.

Hakeem Olajuwon
Date: 3/10/87
Stats: 38 Points, 17 Rebounds, 12 Blocks, 6 Assists, 7 Steals, Triple-Double
Fantasy Points: 110.75

Hakeem recorded one of the most well-rounded stat lines in NBA history, with a triple-double and 5×5. His line shows that you don’t necessarily need a huge scoring total to have a great fantasy performance.

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Michael Jordan
Date: 3/28/90
Stats: 69 Points, 18 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 4 Steals, 1 Block, 2 3pts made, Double-Double
Fantasy Points: 113

His Airness had a ton of great performances, but his 69 point game was his highest scoring of his career. Lost in the mix is that he also recorded 18 rebounds as a guard. This was just one game in route to his fourth straight scoring title and before he had won any of his 6 rings.


Wilt Chamberlain
Date: 3/2/62
Stats: 100 points, 25 rebounds, 2 assists, Double-Double
Fantasy Points: 135.75

Unfortunately for Wilt’s fantasy owners, the NBA didn’t start tracking blocked shots until 1973, so the famous 100 point game could have looked even more impressive. However, on March 12th, 1968, Wilt also had 53 points, 32 rebounds, and 14 assists, good for 118.5 points. According to unofficial stats, he had 24 blocks and 11 steals as well, which would put him at an incredible 188.5 fantasy points.

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