#SHAQweek rolls on!

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Really noticed a common theme along all these #ShaqWeek days. There was A LOT of 2000 and 2001 Shaq thrown in there. Specifically against the Kings. No doubt the Lakers-Kings rivalry was one of the best and Shaq was in his prime during it, but just how good was Shaq at that time? I’m talking in terms of All-Time Greatness… 2000/2001 Shaq may be one of the Top 5 places to EVER lace them up in the NBA.

It’s hard to argue against a man with feet bigger than your legs but there is hope out there to knockdown Goliath’s reputation. And it comes courtesy of Shaq’s long lost friends the Sacramento Queens..

Dream Inside A Dream = Shaq Shaqtin’ A Fool





Unfortunately for the Monarchy though, revenge is a dish best served cold after a missed 3 point shot..




I’m a little upset NBA TV didn’t have a block of programming dedicated solely to Shaq high stepping up the court. Feel like that’s literally all he did in the early 2000’s.

Something to look forward too next year/YouTube right now I guess. Credit where credit is due though, this RULES.



Caption this…. #SHAQweek

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