Watching sports is better when you have a rooting interest. Fans constantly find a reason to watch a game that their favorite team isn’t playing in. That’s why people love to predict the Superbowl outcome. That’s why you fill out a bracket in March. That’s why people love to play fantasy golf on DraftKings during Golf’s Majors.

Start drafting 6 golfers that you think have a chance at winning Golf’s First Major.

Here are some of the top survey results from our users on why they started playing Daily Fantasy Sports:

1. It sounded fun
It is fun. If you are interested in sports you will love spending the time researching player performances, building your lineup, and rooting for your golfers throughout the weekend.

2. My friends were playing daily fantasy sports
All the cool kids are doing it. Don’t be left out. Get in on the fun this weekend and see why people are signing up to play Daily Fantasy Sports every day.

3. I like to compete with people
You know you want to rub it in your friends’ faces after you pick the best lineup this weekend. Sign up and start a private league amongst your friends to show that you have the most golf knowledge OR play against thousands of DraftKings users to find out if you know golf as well as you think you do.

4. It makes watching games more fun
You know that edge of the seat feeling you have when you watch your favorite team play. That personal investment that leaves you constantly nervous yet excited all at once. That’s what playing fantasy golf can do for you if your favorite golfer misses the cut.

Sign up and play in a Fantasy Golf contest that will make watching the first Major of the Season that much more fun.

Welcome to the Big Time.