We had another week of DKFC action go into the books and it was quite a packed one for those of us who play often. We had Midweek EPL slates on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by our normal weekend action. Let’s talk about the Saturday slate primarily and I will mention some of the other stuff from mid week along the way.

It was not a very high scoring day in the DKFC world. To illustrate this point I think the winning score for the $27 buy in Equalizer was a 93 by kcchiefsfan73, which is the lowest winning total I can remember from all season in that one.  In fact not only do I not remember another winner under 100, but I can’t remember the last time an 85 got you into the top 10 of anything in the DKFC that wasn’t a $200 buy in with under 50 people. We saw a few good games from random players, but I honestly do not think I have ever seen as many single digit numbers on top 10 rosters to this point in daily fantasy soccer.

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

We saw four well used keepers between 10-20% each across all buy in levels have the same basic score of between 13-14.75 points. They were Hugo LLoris, Joe Hart, Robert Green, and Allan MacGregor. MacGregor was $4000 so he was the best value, followed by Green at $4700 and LLoris and Hart who were $5400 and $5300. There was no really highly owned GK this week and no one who really went crazy and put up a huge number, so more than half the field was on one of those four above and any of them could have helped you reach the top. While it still makes sense to take the guys like Lloris and Hart for cash games due to the higher likelihood of a Win bonus, for a GPP a lower cost guy like Green or MacGregor helped you keep pace and freed up some cash for you to use elsewhere.


We saw very few defenders pay off their salary today. Alberto Moreno was probably the best of them all. The Liverpool man had a day’s best of 14.25 on the strength of his 7 crosses and clean sheet. He was the highest scorer and probably the best value. At 14.7% owned he was no secret and many of the top rosters used him across all buy in levels. The other guy to reach double digits was Totenham’s Ben Davies. Davies was making only his fourth start, but they have all come recently as we have seen his price rise from a $2100 punt to $3700 at present. He had 1 and 2 DK points last two games, so he is not really a great option at his current price in my eyes, but he did win someone a GPP this weekend. I would monitor him, but do not go putting him on any must use lists for next out. Kieran Trippier and Glen Johnson are two guys DKFC fans know well and use often. We decided last week in the Just for Kicks column that Glen Johnson is back and should be considered weekly and Trippier was already on that list, so despite not having huge games I was glad to see them both pay off. Man City Gael Clichy is seeing regular time in the back now with the banged up roster and multiple fronts the Man city team is competing on. He is a guy who should be used in good match ups as he has a high GPP floor, but I caution he can be used in a more defensive role based on match ups, so be careful for your cash games. The last guy I want to mention is someone I do not reccommend because of his team’s shoody defense and that is Suk-Young Yun of QPR. He had a decent game this week and does so about nce a month. He is an upside play if you are bold, but I still prefer others for consistency and would never roll him out in a cash game.


I saw four midfield names pop up on a lot of rosters in top 10s this week, but one we mentioned last time stands head and shoulders above for me. That is Arsenal’s Santi Carzola. I have been using this guy often because of my familiarity with him from his Serie A days. As a big fan of the Rossinerri whom he always killed I can assure you this guy is a talent. He is finally seeing Liverpool use him correctly and his #19 is perfect, because he is playing like their true #10 and even scoring goals like a true #9. He had 20 DK points against Dortmund before having another double digit performance mid week and ending the three game run with another 20 burger on Saturday. His price is still in the mid sixes which is mind boggling to me and I have been running him out for the past two weeks as my mid range midfield value guy with no complaints. He is more involved in the offense and now that Giroud is back and the Balotelli experiment is on hold he is starting to let his talent shine through. If DK keeps him low priced then he should be a staple in your EPL and UCL line ups. Another guy we have talked about who had another good game is Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolaise. He added another 12.75 point performance to give him 5 in his last 7 and his price remains below $6K. Again this is a great price saving midfielder to role out as he scores in a lot of ways and does it consistently at a square price. He is a great value guy to consider every slate. Another great value play that has really been on a tear is Leroy Fer. I admit that he was not a guy I thought was for real, but he is starting to make a believer out of me. DK was quicker to realize this as his price has now jumped off the $3900 level it was at as he is up to $5600 now which is still a square price. He has 2 of his last 3 games with a goal and a score of 3 or 4 times his price on the value scale. QPR is actually looking a lot better during the softer part of their schedule here and in the right match up I might be willing to send him out there if he remains at his current price level. The last guy was not great value but he is consistent and that is Raheem Sterling of Liverpool. The goals really have not been there for him or anyone else on that team. That hurts his value in two ways because he is also a high assist guy, or should be with the myriad of crosses and set ups he has every game. I would love to see his price continue to drop to a level where 10-15 points is good value, because that is where I see his usual floor and ceiling being. Until then though I will admire his talent and hope Liverpool gets some better pieces around him to help him shine.


I think there were only three guys that were used often enough to make a difference this weekend and performed well. The worst value of the 3 was Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal. I’m not knocking his talent at all as I love watching him play, but his price is getting really high and even the 13 DK points he put up which made him one of the top scorers on the week was far short of making him a good value. The Value title this week goes to Bojan Krkic. The New Stoke City forward has gone over 10 DK points in 5 of his last 7 starts. His price surprising has not moved as he started the run at $5200 and was only $5600 on Saturday. He has boatloads of talent and is playing on a team that is devoid of goal scorers so he will get as many chances to be that guy as he can. Good thing too for Stoke as his emergence has finally given some life to that attack. He picked up a goal on 2 shots, 6 crosses, and a few fouls drawn. All things we see him do weekly at this point. Stoke is not a great team and the attack can be stopped by quality defenses, but against the bad ones at his price you should be using him often. The most popular guy on top 10 rosters at the forward position was Charlie Austin. He has failed to reach double digit DK points only twice in his last ten. He has seven times scored 15 or more DK points over that stretch and this hot streak has seen his price nearly double from a low of $4300 to a now robust $8400, and he still delivered again at that price. In fact he would have delivered 6 of his last 10 even if he was this price all along. I’m not saying the rising price makes him a no brainer anymore like he was at $5000 two weeks ago, but he is red hot and still the man likely to make things happen for that QPR team that looks like it is on the upswing. Due to picking up a few yellow cards he will be forced to sit out the Everton match next week, but that only means he should fly under the radar for the December 20th fixture against a beatable West Brom. Hopefully his price drops because of it as well along the way.