It was a very wacky weekend in the DKFC and there’s a few things I wanted to point out that made it so. First was the scramble as rosters locked when Man City Striker Edin Dzeko injured himself in warm ups. If you managed to dodge that bullet (as I did not on one of my two line ups) than you had to answer the old question if it was better to take the safe points that come with a clean sheet win or look for upside from a goal keeper who would be called upon to make a few saves. We will get to that in a minute. The second rule I hoped you all followed was to save some salary for the guys in the late games and give yourself some roster flexibility. If you did this than you were probably rewarded as the show Arsenal put on led to a few stellar DKFC stat lines.

Overall the scoring was back to normal from last week’s lackluster pace. Pew_pew_pew  again showed us why he is one of the best players in the DKFC as he took down the Equalizer with a top score of 123.5. This guy is always near the top of the weekly EPL leaderboards and definitely a guy whose rosters you should  be studying if you want to improve your daily fantasy soccer game. As we mentioned his score of 123.5 is right around the average winning score we usually see and a definite return to the norm after last week’s winning score that were 20-25 points lower.


Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper


The most owned keeper on the day was Petr Cech, yet he was not the most useful keeper on the day. He was 40% in the Equalizer and right around there at the lower price points as well. He did exactly what you expected of him as he had a clean sheet and a win bonus in a rather uneventful day that saw him make no saves and really face little pressure. He cost $5300 and you got you exactly 10 points. As safe and easy a 10 point as you can get for your cash games, but for a GPP he was not the best play by a long shot. Another expensive keeper that was in the same boat was Joe Hart. Hart was $5400 and had the same CS and win but outscored Cech by two because of a lone save he made. Neither guy was incredibly good for GPPs, but both made sense for your cash games. The GPP keeper of the day was 1.2% owned Costel Pantilimon of Sunderland. The Sunderland keeper now has 5 double digit DK point games wrapped around a horrid -8 performance two back vs. Man City. 5 out 6 games at 10+ points for a guy who still has a price below $4000 should pique everyone’s interest. Sunderland has been playing better of late and the defense is still a little weak therefore his ability and opportunity to make multiple saves per game has been buoying his score. His 14.75 at $4000 was 3.6 times his value making him the best value Keeper on the day and the high scorer you wanted for your GPPs.




If you did not roster either of the two guys who were the best to use this week then I welcome you to my column as a first time reader because I feel like I mention both these guys almost every week and definitely told you they should be on your radar. The two guys I am referring to are Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Trippier. Jenkinson, the West Ham back has seen his price rise from $2000 up to $4200 since he began his reign of terror on the DKFC. He now has gone over 10 points in 5 of his last 6 and is routinely going two to four times value every weekend. Yet he was overlooked here again at only 3.7% in the Equalizer. Some guys are not CS dependent for their scores and Jenkinson is one of them. If his team ever does happen to get a CS bonus for him then you will be rewarded even more than you already are for his crossing and foul drawing abilities which net him double digits anyway. Even at the elevated price he remains a guy you need to follow. Kieran Trippier is also of this same mold. He has been less of a secret as his price started around $4000 and has reached $5000 before settling at $4700 for him Saturday. He was about 10% owned across all buy in levels and put up 14.75 points or three times value for his backers. He has gone double digits in five of his last eight with games that have gone 3 and four times value on at least three of those starts. He is another consistent stud performer who can put up points whether or not his team holds the CS. Keep him on your watch lists and for god’s sake start using him more. Other notable player include everyone on Chelse’a backline. Ivanovic was the top scorer, but Cahill and Felipe were also fine plays that did not hurt you.




We have six or seven stud midfielders that went off this weekend and one of them you should all have had based off my recommendation last week. Santi Carzola is taking the EPL by storm this year. Finally getting a chance to shine for the Gunners and he has not disappointed. His price still has not risen fast enough to keep up with his tear as his $7000 price is way to low for a guy whose game log reads 20, 20, 10, 21, and 30 in his last five.  He is an integral part of the revamped Arsenal attack and while he remains cheap you need to be playing him. His 29.75 DK points were the top score for a mid and you really needed him to win. You had other options to keep pace as the Belgian sensation Eden Hazard found the back of the net with his head for Chelsea early on and finished with around 21 DK points on the day. He was higher owned in spots the Carzola and more expensive, but he put in a good days work and was a useful spend up candidate. There were four or five other guys between 13-18 points that made sense, were well used, and paid off. That list includes Stuart Downing, Samir Nasri, Oscar, and Yannick Bolasie. All of these guys were good starts and made a boatload of sense to use. Each of them was serviceable enough to get you into the top 10 and sitting right behind those who crushed it with a Carzola and Hazard pairing. Frank Lampard also provided some old man value for those who included him as well.


The reason I said I hope you saved some salary is because the two guys you wanted upfront that had the biggest numbers were Arsenal’s forward pair of Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud. Both guys were expensive so I did not see anyone who had them both on a roster together, but either of them were good to start as they both put up numbers in the mid twenties. Giroud had 2 goals so he had a slightly better day, but no one can argue with Alexis Sanchez and his stat line even with him slipping further away from goal with everyone up front healthy again. He showed that playing deeper as an attacking midfielder despite being listed as a started still will not effect his ability to put up fantasy points. While you may see a few less goals, he still took a healthy number of shots and his ability to make plays to set up others was on display with the two assists and multiple crosses. This guy is just a stat sheet stuffer no matter where he plays on the field, so while he is expensive you can’t really argue with the production if you can afford to pay up.

We also had a few guys who were not amazing this week, but were very useful in pushing you up the standings. That list includes Diafro Sahko, Andy Carrol, Peter Crouch, Silvestre Varela, and Conor Wickham. All of these guys had double digit points on the day. Sahko was expensive, but Crouch, Wickham, and Carroll were all mid priced. The Value play of the day was Silvestre Varela who was minimum priced and produced 12.75 DK points. at $3000 that was 4.25 times value and a great place for both salary relief and cheap points. He was the key to rounding out those rosters with multiple Arsenal players while still being able to pay up for Hazard or some of the Chelsea players at GK and defense.