After a week off for the international break, we welcome back the DKFC with a lot of action over the next week. Saturday and Sunday offered two separate slates for the Footie fans out there and we have two more coming with Champion’s League action mid week. It was nice to see some of the tourney’s fill early and hopefully we will see the popularity continue to increase and bring larger prize pools with it. Before we start researching for Tuesday’s Champion’s League slate, let’s take a look back at the EPL action from Saturday.

SCORING CHANGE ALERT We had a quite a few solid options to use on Saturday and I think a lot of that had to do with a much welcomed and clamored for addition to the DKFC scoring. It was very tough to cash if your GK did not keep a clean sheet and get the win. That double bonus was huge for those who got it. It basically was the difference between being able to cash highly and dropping out of the money when the games completed and the bonus points were awarded. The new +2 bonus for your defenders and keeper if they allow only 1 goal is a good addition to smooth out that scoring imbalance. Make sure you take note of this change.


Two Keepers stand out above the others on top 10 rosters at all price points this week. They are Newcastle’s Tim Krul and Leicester’s Kasper Schmeichel. Krul was the top scorer as he had 4 saves in a clean sheet win to finish with 18 DK points as the top option. His price was $5000 and ownership was right around 10% at all the different price points, so he was neither incredibly cheap nor incredibly popular. He was however a somewhat obvious play as QPR has not been a dominant offense this season and they are messing around a lot with their starting 11 trying to find some sparks. The other top performance by Schmeichel was one that more people were on, but carried a little more risk. He had not had a clean sheet bonus all season. I do not blame a stat like that solely on the keeper as he has looked pretty good making almost 40 saves so far this year, but if you play behind a porous defense that is going to reflect in you low fantasy scores. His five save clean sheet was a great outcome for the 20-25% of those who took him across all price points. He was only $4100 so you did get about $1000 saving from guys like Krul and Courtois this weekend. On a value scale he was as good if not better. Guys like Thibaut Courtois, Tom Heaton, and Costel Pantilimon were all usable options. Each had a DK score in the low teens and were seen on some top rosters.


The top guy on the day was Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. He was right around 20% owned at $4800 and put up 15 DK points on the back of a barrage of crosses. He was easily the top scorer on the day and a popular choice that paid off for his backers. We also had a plethora of guys get right around 10 points on the day and that list includes Paul Konchesky for Leicester, Daryl Janmaat From Newcastle, and for the second straight game the minimum priced Karl Jenkinson from West Ham. I think the min price Karl Jenkinson train has left the station, but the West Ham back does love to get upfield in the attack and pick out passes into the box. I doubt he stays at min price, but with games of 12 and 13 DK points in his last two I would even be willing to spend $4K for that production. Keep an eye on him in good match ups as that production is sans the clean sheet bonuses that seem to allude West Ham often. If you add bonus points to the overall stat sheets Jenkinson is putting up it would be Leyton Bainesque type numbers at a fraction of the cost.


Two of the biggest names from two of the biggest clubs had two of the biggest games on Saturday. Eden Hazard of Chelsea and Yaya Toure of Manchester City. Both finished with 21.5 DK points to be the co highest scoring midfielders on the slate. Both guys are world class and both had been in a funk to start the season. Hazard reminded everyone Saturday just hw good he can be when he is on his game and it was a welcome sight for the Chelsea faithful as well as his DFS backers. Toure also has picked up his play lately as he now has 57 DK points in his last 3 contest across all competitions. Whether at home or abroad, he is heating up and his price is not reflecting his place as one of the best in the world yet, so take advantage. Both guys were owned in the low teens and seen on quite a few more top 10 rosters then those ownership levels would predict. Another good option was Chelsea Wundekind Oscar. He added an assist to an already robust stat line to finish with 17.5 right behind the top 2. Other guys to note include Newcastle’s Moussa Sissoko who had 13 DK points and Man City’s Jesus Navas who finished with 12.


The performance of the day goes to Burnley front man Danny Ings. He was under 5% owned in most spots and had a brace which netted him a top score on the day of 27 DK points. He had put up double digit scores in two of his last three games, so while the explosion was a welcome one for his backers, it was not a bad idea to fire him up based on recent outings as well. I would not expect two goals a game from him, but he does have upside and he has been filling up the stat sheet. Behind Ings we had a group of players who all got around 15-18 points. Some of them like Wayne Rooney, Diego Costa, and Alexis Sanchez are the usual suspects. If you can afford to pay up they are all always good options and none of them disappointed their backers. The two sneaky value guys were Stefan Jovetic and Swansea sparkplug Wilfred Bony. Jovetic was the second high scorer on the day with 18. I watched him a lot when he played in Serie A as a fan of the Rossinerri and although he has not been able to carve out a lot of playing time with Man City, his talent is undeniable. He is a great source of salary relief with a high chance of goal scoring when he does get the occasional spot start. Bony is a guy I’m still shocked goes off as low owned as he does. After a string of three awesome games where he reached 2.5 to 4 times value at prices of $7600 and below, he was bumped up above $8000 for two matches against Arsenal and Everton where he disappointed. He did not find the back of the net in either so his price and ownership both dropped before Saturday’s matches. At $7700 and around 5% owned across all buy ins he was a perfect guy to use. His production matched the Costa, Rooney, Sanchez takers and saved you $4000 roughly in the process. You can not afford to roster all the studs, but matching the top forwards with a low priced option allowed you to have the money to spend up for Hazard and Toure at midfield. That was a differentiator given the gap between them and the nearest replacement options. Definitely something to keep in mind when you sit down to make rosters.


Don’t forget the DKFC action comes back at you Tuesday on Draft Kings. If you don’t already have an account make sure you sign up and get in on the action. For those that do I will be seeing you in the corner kick, hopefully enjoying the view from the top.