The FFWC covers 9 tournaments over three weeks of daily fantasy football games. We’ll be crowning two millionaires in that time and handing out over $10 Million in total prizes. Certainly winning one of these massive tournaments would be a huge success, but we thought we’d run a little side contest awarding points for finishing in the top 100 of the tournaments.

Points awarded for winning each tournament are uniform, with the exception of the Main Event where everything is doubled. So, for example, winning the Quarter Arcade will award the same number of points as winning the Millionaire Maker. As referenced above, the only difference is that in the Main Event, points are worth double. You can see the points awarded for each tournament below:

FFWC Rankings

(Click to view full size points table)

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FFWC Overall Prizes

(Prizes below are just a sample. Not sure what we want to do with the prizes, but think it would have to be somewhat steep for people to really fight for it)

1st: $10,000
2nd: $7,500
3rd: $5,000
4th: $2,500
5th: $1,500
6th-10th: $1,000


FFWC Tournaments