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Michael ‘TwoGun’ Cohen wrapped up the last week of the NFL regular season by winning $700,000 playing in fantasy football leagues. Not only did he come in first place in a league where first place was $500,000 but he also finished high in several others. However, the fantasy football season was far from over for him. Just 14 days later, he entered the “Millionaire Maker” contest for the Divisional Round playoff games. The tournament, which costs $100 to enter, paid $1,000,000 to first place and you can guess who took it down.

Of course, everyone is talking about the Dez Bryant catch/non-catch. Not only did that shake up the NFL playoff picture, but it also changed some fortunes on DraftKings; Bryant and Romo lost points, and you have to think DeMarco Murray owners would have been able to secure another rushing touchdown if Dallas had the ball on first down at the Packers’ one-yard line. With 10 other owners within 10 points of him, it’s hard to say the impact that the play had on the final score.

With picks like Rob Gronkowski, Davonte Adams, and Jermaine Kearse, he put together a fantastic lineup. You can see Michael’s million-dollar winning lineup below:


His victory made him the first million-dollar-winner in 2015, but DraftKings paid out 13 different $1,000,000 first place prizes in 2014. So how do Michael and other fantasy players excel at this game? Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, are a relatively new addition to the fantasy sports world. If you’ve never played in a daily league, then the first idea to familiarize yourself with is the idea of a salary cap. In DFS, each player has a specific price for each game set, which is based on their past performances. You start with $50,000 and draft 9 players while staying under the budget. You can play in leagues ranging from free to ones with $1,000,000 first place prizes.

Here is a look at some of the player options for the Conference Championship games:


Tom Brady ($8,500) – Brady probably has the most appealing matchup this week as the Patriots host the Colts as the favorite to advance to the Super Bowl.
Andrew Luck ($8,200) – Luck, on the other hand, has value as the player who will probably be throwing the most. The Colts will need to excel in the passing game in order to win.
Russell Wilson ($8,000) – The defending champs get another home game to advance and Wilson probably faces the least individual pressure of the quarterbacks. He may actually be the safest of the four options as you know he will contribute some rushing yards as well.
Aaron Rodgers ($7,800) – Much has been made of Rodgers calf injury and while it did appear to impact his play in the first half, Rodgers finished with very respectable numbers against the Cowboys. The favorite for the MVP is facing the toughest defense this week though in Seattle.

Running Backs

Marshawn Lynch ($7,600) – Of the running backs available this week, Lynch is the most consistent and proven.
Eddie Lacy ($6,300) – The Packers got off to a great start last week, thanks to Lacy’s powerful running. With Rodgers hurting, he could have an increased role this week too.
Daniel Herron ($5,900) – With Trent Richardson inactive last week, it is clear that the Colts want to use Herron as their every-down back. He has proven to also be a threat catching the ball.
Legarrette Blount ($4,500) – January 13th, 2014. Blount led the Patriots offense to FOUR touchdowns in the playoffs against the Colts last year. Will he duplicate his effort this week to send the Pats to another Super Bowl?

Others to Consider: Shane Vereen ($4,300), Jonas Gray ($2,800), Trent Richardson ($2,200), James Starks ($2,000)

Wide Receivers

Randall Cobb ($7,700) – Cobb and Nelson come in as the two most expensive receivers, but also face the most difficult secondary. Cobb is less likely to see Richard Sherman across from him, especially if the Packers use him from the slot.
Jordy Nelson ($7,600) – When the Seahawks and Packers faced off in Week 1 this year, Nelson still managed to bring in 9 catches and 83 yards in a blowout loss. He’s too good to be scared off from a potentially difficult matchup
Julian Edelman ($7,200) – Brady’s #1 target should see plenty of looks this week and doesn’t have the downside of facing the cornerbacks that the other receivers have.
TY Hilton ($7,000) – Hilton is another receiver who will face a difficult secondary, but the speedster has the potential to break a huge play on every down.

Others to Consider: Brandon LaFell ($6,000), Doug Baldwin ($5,000), Danny Amendola ($4,500), Davante Adams ($4,300)

Here’s how you can get in on the action this weekend:
1) Draft Your Team:
$5 Flea Flicker – $300,000 in Prizes. $25,000 to First Place.
$20 Championship Game – $700,000 in Prizes, $100,000 to First Place

2) Follow along as your score updates live

3) When the Colts/Patriots finishes on Sunday, you’ll be paid out instantly if you finish in a prize-paying place.