On Sunday, DraftKings awarded $1 Million to SamENole for winning the Millionaire Maker Fantasy Football contest. SamENole, a Florida resident who’s name is Matt, derives his username from his alma mater, the Florida State Seminoles. While he is a veteran to fantasy sports, it is safe to say this the largest payout he has ever earned.

How exactly did SamENole win $1,000,000 playing fantasy football? Playing on DraftKings is simple: you begin by selecting 9 NFL players (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, DEF) while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. If the team you enter scores the most fantasy points that week, you’ll win $1,000,000. The top 15,500 finishers will also all earn cash prizes. Since the contest was such a hit in week 5, DraftKings has decided to run a second Millionaire Maker for Week 6.

Here is a look at SamENole’s million dollar winning entry:


This team was led by Bronco teammates Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas. However, selecting a winning team isn’t as simple as choosing Peyton Manning. You’ll have to spend your salary cap wisely and identify valuable players for cheap prices. Golden Tate, who finished with 134 yards and a touchdown, was a great value at only $4,900. Another key difference for SamENole was Arian Foster, who was selected in less than 1% of all entries and contributed 34.2 fantasy points.

If you missed out on the million last week, make sure to sign up for this week’s contest before Sunday at 1pm EST, draft your team, and win $1,000,000.

How to build your team for week 6:

After entering the Draft Room, you’ll start selecting players for your roster. For example, Each QB in the NFL is given a salary based on past and expected performance. Peyton Manning is the most expensive this week at $9,400, but you may choose to save your budget for elsewhere and choose a cheaper option like Russell Wilson.


Here is a look at some of the top running back options in week 6. DeMarco Murray has been dominant in the first 5 weeks, but how will he fare against the Seahawks defense? On the other hand, LeSean McCoy has gotten off to a very slow start, but could he bounce back at home against the Giants this week? Choose correctly and you could be a millionaire.

Week 6 RBs

Continue filling out your roster until you have filled all 9 of your roster spots. Once you’re ready, click ‘submit’. You can continue to edit your team until the scheduled kickoff of your player’s game. The contest goes live on Sunday at 1pm EST and concludes at the end of Monday Night Football. Follow along live as your score updates and if you win, you’ll be paid out in minutes of the contest ending.

Season long fantasy leagues are still a fun thing to follow along with, but nothing compares to the excitement of winning in weekly fantasy leagues. Sign up on DraftKings today to start playing now.