CS:GO top targets

More CS:GO action is coming your way from the DreamHack Masters Spring on Sunday. Three games make up DraftKings’ CS:GO main slate. Here are some considerations for your squad.

Set your lineups here: CS:GO $50K Quickscope [$10K to 1st] (DH)


Kscerato ($13,500)
It has been a pleasure to watch Kscerato’s quiet and unexpected rise. He has been severely underrated in the top CS:GO circles through the past year or so. His breakout is now discernible. He has been averaging 66.6 DKFP per game, a fair indicator of his prowess over a sustained period of time, particularly offensively. Is he worth $13,500? A resounding yes.

Others to consider: Ropz ($12,900)

High-priced flex options

Ropz ($8,600)
Somewhat inexplicably, Mousesports has fallen to two straight defeats to start their DreamHack Masters campaign. Ropz, however, has not been a reason for their slump. He has been quite consistent despite defeat, which is a laudable achievement. In their 2-1 loss to BIG, Ropz led Mousesports with 68 kills. He also had a team-high ADR of 81.5 and a KAST of 72.2%.

Frozen ($7,800)
Frozen has not started this tournament well. Some may even write him off, but a general rule of thumb in sport is to back skill and experience over temporary form. He had 63 kills and 64 deaths against BIG, which is by no means a poor performance. All he needs is some fluency and the aforementioned skill will just take over, yielding a high K-D.

K0nfig ($8,800)
K0nfig continues to stay consistent. That is an achievement against teams ranked about the same, but that task gets increasingly harder when the quality of teams improves. By doing that for Complexity, K0nfig has helped his team not just challenge but take down the bigger, better teams. Against Mad Lions, he contributed solidly again with 42 kills and 32 deaths.

Others to consider: Yuurih (8,200).

Value flex options

Tabsen ($7,600)
Taking down the No. 4 CS:GO team in the world is not an easy task. BIG did that in clinical fashion in the third map. It can be safely said they might not have even come close had it not been for Tabsen. He had a game-leading 83 kills and 59 deaths, with a K-D of +24 and an astounding ADR of close to 100. He might not repeat that, but he needs to just come close.

Hen1 ($7,400)
Hen1 handled the AWP quite well against Liquid. With Yuurih and Kscerato, two of the best offensive weapons in Furia, the AWP tends to stay among them. He carried out his role extremely well against Liquid, finishing with a game-leading 82 kills and just 57 deaths. His +25 K-D and ADR of 89.8 was comfortably the best among both teams. He even had two 1v2 clutch wins in that victory.

Others to consider: Bubzkji ($7,600), Xeppaa ($7,800).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.