The Sports Betting Spring Championship allows the most competitive bettors in the US to test themselves in an action-packed weekend of sports betting. The contest has been designed from the ground-up to support aggressive strategies, with consistency and fairness in mind.
To ensure a high stakes tournament, all Contestants will be able to place bets with limits higher than is typical for our Sportsbook. To ensure consistency all Contestants will be subject to the same betting limits rules, and the rules which govern SBSC bet placement are automated. Although limit rules are the same for all players, various circumstances may lead to a betting experience that does not appear identical (such as odds changes, markets availability, change of game state, etc.).
Betting limits will vary by market, time until the start of the event, and many other factors. All Contestants will be subject to the same limits rules at any given point in time. While you may be limited on your bet amount, please keep in mind that you may be allowed to wager again on the same event once the odds move.

What are my overall limits?
Limits have been increased for the SBSC from usual sportsbook limits, particularly for main markets (e.g. side, spread, total). Because limits are calculated at the time a bet is placed, we cannot predict up-front the maximum limits for specific sports or markets. The formula and rules that determine limits for each sport/market, however, will be applied consistently for all Contestants.

Do parlays influence my limits?
Yes. Limits are affected by individual betting choices and outcomes. You will consume (i.e. use some of) from your limit by placing straight bets and will also consume (i.e. use some of) from the same limit if you include that outcome as a leg within a parlay. As an example, if you place a three-team parlay, you consume some limit allocation for each of the teams included in the parlay, with a larger proportion allocated to the legs with the least likely outcome.

Can I find out my limit before I place a bet?
Yes. First, try to place a wager that pays out a very large amount (like $5,000,000). Make sure that your wager amount is larger than your account balance, so there is no possibility you will mistakenly place a bet.
When you submit the bet request, you will be taken to the ‘Wager Approval Required’ screen. This first option confirms the maximum amount with ‘The highest pre-approved wager is $xx,xxx.yy.’. To place that maximum wager, select the first option only: ‘Place pre-approved wager of $xx,xxx.yy’. To ensure fairness and consistency, all requests above this pre-approved limit will be rejected or voided.
The image here shows an example of what you would see in the event you do experience these limits. Simply select continue to place the bet for the approved amount:

Image 1

What happens if I try to place a bet above my allowed limits?
Upon submitting a bet, if it exceeds our currently accepted limit you will be returned to an approved bet amount with the option to place your bet at the approved limits. Please do not attempt to submit your bet for approval at a higher amount, as such request will be denied or voided and will simply result in your funds being held and unusable for some amount of time.

Can the SBSC staff change contestants’ limits?
No. SBSC staff do not have the ability to change limits.

Does my SBSC limits affect my main DK account?
No. SBSC limits, and/or bets placed during the SBSC, only apply to your SBSC account and will not affect your main DraftKings account.