Daily fantasy basketball is one of the most exciting games for daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy NBA is high-paced, exciting, non-stop action. Players rack up points in bunches and scores skyrocket throughout the night. If you’re looking to get started on some daily fantasy hoops, check out our videos and articles that can help teach you the ropes for contests on DraftKings.


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DraftKings NBA Strategy Guide – Videos

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DraftKings NBA Strategy Guide – Articles

1) Daily Fantasy Basketball for Beginners

Learn about three key factors that you can look at to assess daily fantasy basketball lineups on DraftKings with the DFS Basketball for Beginners Guide


2) DraftKings Scoring: How Can You Exploit It?

There are a few subtle ways you can exploit the NBA scoring system on DraftKings. This article takes you through some tips within the scoring that you can use to help win as well as breaking down which positions benefit most from these scoring variables.


3) How to Estimate Value for DraftKings NBA Contests

You can actually calculate target scores for players in daily fantasy basketball with relative ease. There are two simple multipliers/formulas that can help you become a better DFS hoops player, and we have all both of those along with easy-to-read charts to get you off on the right foot!