DK Rally

The world is going through an unprecedented time right now. In an effort to help those in need, DraftKings is committed to donating up to $1 Million to the United Way to help across a range of needs from food banks to medical services to unemployment support. We’re committing $500,000 upfront and asking our community to participate in our “DK Rally” to help us reach our $1 Million goal.

DK Rally Overview

Rally caps are primarily a baseball superstition to bring a team good luck when they are down late in the game and need some runs. They were originally just turned inside-out or worn backwards, but over the years we’ve seen many creative interpretations. They’ve even been adopted by other sports such as hockey.

Today, we are all in need of a comeback and want to use the power of the rally cap to help us get there. For every person who shares their rally cap on social media with our official hashtag we’ll donate $1 to the United Way until we reach our $1 Million goal.

The rally will take place from Monday, March 23 to Tuesday, April 7.

How you can join the DK Rally

• Take a picture or video in your rally cap (be creative!)
• Post to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all if you want!)
• Use the hashtag #DKRally.
• Tag at least three friends and invite them to do the same.
• Include provided link Thank you for your support!


Twitter DK Rally

Twitter DK Rally

Twitter DK Rally

Instagram DK Rally