Dave and Rob Gomes, brothers from Boston, MA and big Patriots fans, became the latest winners of the DraftKings Millionaire Maker. The key to their winning lineup combination was New England running back, Jonas Gray, who (though he had zero career touchdowns prior to Sunday) scored four on Sunday night.

“Blount had four TDs vs. the Colts last year,” Dave noted. “We knew they were going to run the ball,” Rob said following the final confirmation that they had won after the Monday Night Football game was over.

Dave and Rob built their team together, split the $27 entry fee to the league and will also be splitting their $1,000,000 first place prize. DraftKings has been running the contest weekly for a majority of the NFL season, already awarding 7 different million dollar first place prizes. The contest will again run this Sunday, where an 8th Millionaire will be crowned.


Their team combined to put up 233.74 points this week, narrowly beating out the competition by 3.7 points. On DraftKings, you are given a $50,000 salary cap to select 9 NFL players while staying under your budget. The key to success is finding players like Gray, who are cheap and outperform their expectations. Here is a quick breakdown of their roster:

Aaron Rodgers ($9,400), Jordy Nelson ($7,700), and Randall Cobb ($7,500): The core to this team was build around the Packers prolific passing attack, which put up a total of 52 points against the Eagles. Pairing a QB with his top WR has been a common strategy in the Millionaire Maker, but very few have chosen to pair two WRs with the QB. In this case, it paid off big time.

Jonas Gray ($3,300) and Jeremy Hill ($4,600): With an average of $5,500 in salary going to each of your players, you need to save somewhere. Dave and Rob chose to target two cheap running backs who they expected to outperform their values. While Gray came as much more of a surprise, Hill was a more popular choice, given the injury to Giovanni Bernard.

Buccaneers D/ST (2,700): The Bucs were another choice that less than 1% of the field had. RGIII was sacked a total of 6 times and threw 2 interceptions on Sunday, including one pick-six.


To get in on the action this Sunday, simply follow these steps:

1. Draft Your 9 Man NFL Roster Here
2. Join for $27
3. Finish in the top 15,000 fantasy scores and get paid Monday night. First place will win $1,000,000