So you may have heard the NHL was set to rule on their long-discussed plans for expansion.

It’s been an open secret in the league that they’ve been looking for more ways to drive up interest, and one of those ways has been the idea of adding one or two teams. For months, we’ve heard that Las Vegas and Quebec City were the two hot landing spots, and now, it looks like we have an answer:

Vegas, baby! What happens there stays there, and now it looks like they’ll be getting a pro sports team to stay for good. Heck, they might even get the Oakland Raiders too, while they’re at it…

Right now, the Las Vegas Expansion Team, let’s call it the LVET for short, has an identity crisis – no name, no logo, nothing to call their own. The possibilities could be endless for whatever they decide to roll with.

So here’s a some suggestions:

5. Las Vegas Snowcaps

For some reason, Nevada means snowcapped. It might not be the most creative, but it works!

4. Las Vegas Silvers

Nevada is the silver state… The Stanley cup is silver… Coincidence?

3. Las Vegas Bandits

Almost an ode to UNLV’s Runnin’ Rebels, the bandits don’t steal your money, but they will steal goals!

2. Las Vegas Cacti

Cacti are pretty to look at and fulfill a lot of purpose for the desert environment, but don’t forget they’re sharp… like hockey blades.

1. Las Vegas Chickens

“Winner-winner, chicken dinner” is a phrase you might often hear from Vegas winners – so this could totally work. Plus, you could intro with this over and over again…