There’s Nothing Like It…


Daily Fantasy NASCAR is different from other DFS contests. In the blink of an eye, your team can go from first to worst and vice versa. In DFS NASCAR, the majority of points are not fixed; they fluctuate. In other DFS contests, players do not lose touchdowns, three-pointers, or home runs. In NASCAR, a large portion of points are determined by finishing position and as the saying goes, “it ain’t over until it’s over.”

Giant bumps in points can be maddening. The thrill of winning in the final lap and the agony of being so close and losing it all makes DFS NASCAR a unique game. This can be hard for DFS players. It almost feels like one of the old Nintendo games that blatantly cheats for the computer a.i.; I’m looking at you Tecmo Bowl.

The trick is to get your mind in the right place. You cannot approach NASCAR like the other DFS contests. It’s not fair. There’s a quote by famed psychologist, William Glasser, that goes like this, “If your happiness depends on the fairness of others, then your life will be filled with disappointment.” There are ups and downs in DFS NASCAR, but it’s that way for everyone. Do the research and make strong picks, and you’ll experience more ups than downs.

If you are experiencing tilt because of wrecks, the big one at restrictor plate tracks, pit road mistakes, flat tires, or poor restarts, then remember – it happens to everyone. Maybe this doesn’t console you, but it’s true. There are only 43 drivers to pick from. In other DFS contests, there are large pools of players to roster. In NASCAR, with only 43 drivers, a lot of DFS players experience tilt.

The same race events that crush your dreams can also be enormous highs. One of the beauties of daily fantasy NASCAR is the last lap of a race. Sometimes everything just comes together. It’s like every player on your MLB team hitting a homerun at once. Even better, it’s all on happening on the same TV screen. The tilt of DFS NASCAR can sting worse than any other, but the ecstasy is incomparable.

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