Oh boy, what a crazy All-Star weekend it was! First off, high-fives (or sixes, I guess?) all around to Toronto – they did a phenomenal job with the event this weekend. It provided a ton of memorable moments, from shedding a tear to Kobe’s tribute in his last All-Star game to Aaron Gordon’s should-have-been dunk contest championship, there were a ton of things to take away from this weekend.

But while that’s cool and everything, what exactly were the Top Plays from the weekend?

That’s where we come in.

We’ve selected the Top 5 Plays that we believe were the best of the best for your viewing pleasure. Don’t agree? See a play we missed? Let us know on Twitter at @dkplaybook.

Without further adieu:

5. D-Wade tosses the trick pass to King James for the jam

4. Messi creates the assist to Luis Suarez on the penalty kick for a hat-trick

3. Grayson Allen hits the game winner for Duke against #7 Virginia

2. Kobe says goodbye at the All-Star Game

1. Aaron Gordon takes a seat… in the air